Hinokage has a number of small inns, pensions, and campsites, many of which are partners with the Forest Therapy program. You can find a full list of these accommodations at the Forest Therapy website.

TR Train Inn TR列車の宿
After spending a day at the onsen, why not check in to the adjacent TR Train In , where decommissioned train cars have been converted into fully-furnished 1, 2, and 4-person rooms to provide a unique overnight experience. The abandoned railroad tracks have also been converted into a walking course, providing a great opportunity to take in some of Hinokage’s beautiful nature.
Location: TR列車の宿 (map)

Website: http://www.hinokage.jp/
TEL: 0982-87-2600

Refresh House Dewa リフレッシュハウス出羽
This facility has a large multipurpose room you can rent out for day events or overnight lodging, as well as five cabins. Located in Mitate Valley, known for its fall foliage, this is a great place for an autumn retreat.
Location: リフレッシュハウス出羽 (map)
2234 Mitate, Hinokage, Nishiusuki District, Miyazaki Prefecture 882-0403
Website: http://www.hinokage.jp/
TEL: 0982-89-1220


Hinokage Camp Village 日之影キャンプ村
Open from April 15 to October 15 yearly and located along the Hinokage River, this campground features bungalows, tent sites, shower and cooking facilities.
Location: 日之影キャンプ村 (map)
〒882-0401 Miyazaki Prefecture, Nishiusuki District, 日之影町七折6164
Website: http://www.hinokage.jp/
TEL: 0982-87-2820

Tansukedake Campground 丹助岳キャンプ場
Perfect for a mountain hiking retreat, this site features mountain huts and views of the surrounding mountain ranges.
Location: 丹助岳キャンプ場 (map)

Website: http://www.hinokage.jp/
TEL: 0982-87-2820

Mizunashi Nature Campground 水無平自然キャンプ場
A great place to visit in any season.
Website: http://www.hinokage.jp/
TEL: 0982-89-1366 (day)  0982-89-1116 (night)