Health & Fitness

Maehara Clinic
(Behind Plasse Daiwa) is a bone hospital where they do x-rays for bone damage and physiotherapy as part of your medication. (A)

Fukiyama ENT Clinic
Is located near Kobayashi Senior High School. Turn right in front of the school when heading towards Ebino on the 221 bypass. The clinic has the best reputation but therefore is rather crowded. The doctor speaks very good English and specializes in ophthalmology.

Takesaki Dentist
Mami, the leader of the Kobayashi International Club owns this place, her husband is the doctor. She speaks great English and her husband speaks a bit but she will be with you to help you if you go in. Very modern! You may have to make a few appointments for even things like cleanings, but that’s just the way things are done here. (C)

Kobayashi City Hospital
Recently rebuilt but there’s a doctor shortage so waiting times can be long. It may pay to ask your supervisor which hospital to go to as there are plenty in town. (D)

Sonoda Hospital
On Route 268 towards Miyazaki near UNIQLO on the right. This hospital has the best reputation in Kobayashi and is therefore really crowded. Most doctors there speak at least a little English.

Hanada Jibiinkōka
A nose, throat and ear specialist especially for allergies. On route 221 head toward Takaharu and hang a left turn at ENEOS gas station. The doctor speaks English there.

There’s a gynecologist on route 53 going towards Ikoma Kougen. The doctor speaks little English.

Sougou Sport’s Park
Kobayashi’s Sports Park This offers a competition size track (which you have to pay to use) but there is a free course that goes around the complex, as well as a smaller upper track that has a fantastic view of the Kirishima Mountains. There is also an indoor / outdoor swimming pool for 300円/ use. Great tennis courts (300円/use), soccer and baseball fields, and a really cool obstacle course.

Suki Murando Horse and Dolphin Farm (すきむらんど)
Contrary to the name, there are no horses or dolphins here. Instead, you’ll find a quaint little art gallery with 3 annexes: craft, photography, and art. In addition to the gallery, you’ll find an unagi restaurant, a hiking trail, an onsen, and even summer canoe rentals!
Location: 〒886-0112 宮崎県小林市須木下田412-6 (map)
TEL: 0984-48-2480