Suki Falls 
A beautiful waterfall and campground in Suki Village just outside of Kobayashi! You can walk across a bridge and get a fantastic view of the falls. Particularly beautiful with fall foliage, don’t miss out!
Location: 967-61 Sukishimoda, Kobayashi-shi, Miyazaki-ken, Japan
Website: cms.city.kobayashi.lg.jp

A rock shaped like a phallus heading toward Suki village about 5 minutes by car from Kobayashi. There’s also a small shrine there. Back in its day it was a great attraction for newly-weds and those trying to have kids. Free entry.

Sannomiya Gorge
About a 10 to 15 minute drive heading toward Suki and the same turn-off as Inyoseki. A very nice walk through a 1km series of 11 rock tunnels. Don’t miss out.

Cosmos Bokujou
Cosmos Stock Farm is a “family park” about 10 minutes out from Kobayashi. Horses, Cows, Rabbits, Goats and a pretty good view of Kobayashi City. Entry 100 yen. There’s a yakiniku restaurant there, which apparently isn’t too expensive.

Mamako Waterfall
Legend has it that a mother jumped over the fall with her child, hence the name “Mother and Child.” Despite the sad story, this fall is a very beautiful sight.

Juusanzuka Sport’s Park
Kobayashi’s Sports Park This offers a competition size track (which you have to pay to use) but there is a free course that goes around the complex, as well as a smaller upper track that has a fantastic view of the Kirishima Mountains. There is also an indoor / outdoor swimming pool for 300円/ use. Great tennis courts (300円/use), soccer and baseball fields, and a really cool obstacle course.

Suki Murando Horse and Dolphin Farm (すきむらんど)
Contrary to the name, there are no horses or dolphins here. Instead, you’ll find a quaint little art gallery with 3 annexes: craft, photography, and art. In addition to the gallery, you’ll find an unagi restaurant, a hiking trail, an onsen, and even summer canoe rentals!
Location: 〒886-0112 宮崎県小林市須木下田412-6 (map)
Website: http://www.sukimuland.jp/
TEL: 0984-48-2480