Trial Superstore
Is a 24h supermarket on your right hand side near the big intersection when heading towards Miyakonojo.

Sankyū Super Market
Everything under one roof (supermarket, drugstore, mister donuts, clothing, 100円 store etc). Also has a liquor store next to it called Beri Much. On 221 to Takaharu from Kobayashi on the left side.

Another everything under one roof store. It’s roughly 200m from the intersection of 221 and 268 where the Tsutsumi Joyfull is, heading toward Ebino.

Shoei Farmer’s Market
A good place to pick up fruit and vegetables, meat and fish. It’s a smallish supermarket. It’s on 221 from Kobayashi to Takaharu on the right side.

The best place for fresh fruit and vegetables, mostly local seasonal products. It’s in front of Mac’s Jeans House on the left side on route 268.

Mori Drug Store
Is on route 268 on the left hand side heading toward Miyazaki. Open until 10pm and stocks medicines, a basic supermarket and liquor store. There is another Mori’s located about 300m from the Station heading towards Ebino.

Konan Supermarket
It’s on the right heading toward Ebino on 221 in Honmachi roughly 200m from the station. Open until 10pm.

Kosumosu Drug Store
It’s similar to Mori Drug Store. On the left hand side heading towards Ebino on the bypass (runs parallel with route 221) roughly 400m past the Tsutsumi Joyfull.  And one next to Sankyu.

Marumiya supermarket
It’s on 268 heading towards Miyazaki, past Uniqlo on the left.

Plasse Daiwa Department Store
There’s one in Kobayashi close to the station and one in Kyomachi. The The on in Kobayashi has been transformed into a D-Rex, which is a discount supermarket that sells almost everything. The best ¥100 shop is in here, too. The other one in Kyomachi features a grocery store, fabric store, some clothing stores, bakery, a \100 shop and some furniture and bedding can be bought there.

If you need to build a bar or have another building project this is the place to go! It’s on 221 heading toward Takaharu on the left. They also sell some grocery items as well as household goods.

There is a recycle (second hand) shop on route 221 going towards Ebino on the right about a 10 minutes drive from the Kobayashi train station. They sell furniture.

Yamada Denki, Best Denki and K’s Denki
For electronics. On Route 268 heading towards Miyazaki all on the right hand side with each store about 300m from the next one. Shop around as they’ll drop the prices if you tell them what the other store is offering. Yamada and K’s Denki offer point cards while Best Denki doesn’t. K’s Denki has the best service.

Uniqlo and Mac’s Jeans House
Again on Route 268. Clothing stores. Uniqlo is good for finding work clothes and casual, while Mac’s is more casual.

Shimamura Clothing Store
A pretty cheap clothing store located next to Marumiya.

They sell books and CD’s and offer video rentals. They’re located about 100m from Kobayashi Station.

Is another video rental store on 221 about 500m from the Tsutsumi Joyfull. They also sell CD’s and games.