Food & Drinks

Toraji (map)
Korean influenced yakiniku. Very reasonable prices and good food.

Kuraoh (map)
Kuraoh is a local secret of Mimata but a gem nonetheless. Located on the boarder of Mimata and Miyakonojo, the interior is decked out in American memorabilia from the late 20th Century and the restaurant plays only the classics over the speakers. The menu is only in Japanese but the owner speaks some English and is always happy to help. Offering amazing food at reasonable prices, this jazz cafe is open everyday except Tuesday. The fried gyoza and pineapple sours are a must!

Couleur Patisserie (map)
This tiny patisserie on Route 33 has charming cakes, melt-in-your-mouth cookies and to-die-for madeleines. The interior and front windows are always decorated to match upcoming holidays like Halloween, cherry blossom viewing or Children’s Day and it’s open everyday until 7:30pm. The staff can write icing messages on celebration cakes in both English and Japanese and for an extra 60円, they’ll professionally wrap gift items.

Bus Ramen (map)
Ever dreamed of eating ramen inside a real bus? Well now you can at Bus Ramen! The owner literally took an old bus and fitted out a full ramen restaurant inside. He makes the ramen fresh everyday but is only open for lunchtimes and not everyday. The locals rave about how good Bus Ramen is so make sure you don’t miss the bus!