Miyazaki Prefecture is renowned for it’s natural beauty. Mimata is no exception. These are only a few of nature’s highlights in the small town.

Shiibae Park (椎八重公園)
Famous for its Azalea Festival in April!

Nagata Gorge (長田峡
Location: 〒889-1911 宮崎県北諸県郡三股町長田 (map)
After heavy rain, the gushing waters that pore over the waterfall at Nagata Gorge can be easily heard from the road. A beautiful spot for photography, there’s even a gazebo for impromptu picnics. The crystal clear waters of the Gorge are breathtaking but swimming is strictly prohibited.

Kamiyone Park (上米公園
Location: 〒889-1901 宮崎県北諸県郡三股町樺山 (map)
Kamiyone Park boasts lush, rolling grassy hills, a barbeque pavilion, hundreds of cherry blossom trees and a large playground for children of all ages to enjoy. The park is an extremely popular location for cherry blossom viewing in April so be sure to get there early to grab the best spots!

Kamiyone Kouen Golf Park (上米公園パークゴルフ場)
Location: 〒889-1901 宮崎県北諸県郡三股町大字樺山2954−5 (map)
The golf park inside Kamiyone Park is open from 8:30am to 5pm everyday except Monday. To play a game of 27 holes, it’ll cost a mere 300円 for adults and 200円 for children. To enjoy a full day of golf, the prices are increased to 500円 for adults and 300円for children. Grab you clubs and sink a hole in one!

Shakunage Forest (しゃくなげの森) 
Location: 〒889-1911  宮崎県北諸県郡三股町長田5268 (map)
Shakunage means ‘rhododendron’ in Japanese and this park is the largest rhododendron park in all of Japan. It’s home to 300 out of a total 500 species of the brightly coloured flower and hosts a lively Rhododendron Festival during April and early May every year. The park is so large that the above address is only for the restaurant inside the park which serves local specialties – a favourite eatery in the community.