Extracurricular Activities

  Martial Arts

Jodo (杖道) is a little-known martial art even in Japanese society. Jodo practitioners learn to use a short staff to defend and attack against a sword. This is a form-based martial art; focus is placed on learning the forms and executing them correctly in a choreograped fashion.


Masuda Modern Ballet (マスダ・モダンバレエ) is a dance studio with an adult ballet class on Mondays from 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM. The first class is free. After that it is \6,300 per month. Masuda is located in Nichinan a couple blocks off the 222 behind 7-11. The teacher is a former performer in the Takarazuka Theater (a famous all women’s troop) Phone: 0985-26-4236

Fujima Style Japanese Traditional Dance  is a dance studio located in Fujima-sensei’s house, located across from Co-op Grocery Store. She teaches traditional Japanese dance, typically private lessons to young girls, but is sometimes kind enough to make an exception for a few JETs, teaching a group once a month.

SEE ALSO: Lanai Sports Club also offers Hip-Hop classes