A-Price: Grocery Import/Bulk food

Co-op, Maruichi, Marumiya, Max Valu: Grocery

UFO: Grocery, wide selection of fresh seafood/fish/meat

Tomoi Shouten: Grocery, smaller version of A-Price

Yaohachi: Fruits & Veggies, located in Yamashita Arcade. Can order herbs.

AEON Nobeoka Department Store: Contains ABCMart (shoes), Uniqlo (clothes), a food Court, McDonald’s, clothing shops, bookshops, grocery, general goods, etc.

AEON Tatara Department Store: Contains Seria (100 yen shop), shoe shop, clothes shop, general goods, and grocery store

Best Denki: Electronics

Cosmos, Drugstore Mori: Pharmacy

Daiso: 100 Yen Shop–most items are 108 yen

Homewide: Home Improvement, Japanese version of Home Depot/The Warehouse/B&Q

Nitori: Furniture, household items IKEA-style

Pinocchio: Second-hand (used goods) Furniture, electronics, etc.

Sega World: Game Center Purikura, claw