Takaharu Town Cultural Day
A town-wide bunkasai held in mid-November.

Nawashiroda Festival 
Held annually on February 18th, the Nawashiroda Festival takes place at Sano Shrine. Worshippers and festival attendees watch a lively play depicting a wooden cow named Bebu and a housewife named Haho as they plow the fields. The festival prays for a fertile harvest and the prosperity of the town’s Miyazaki beef industry.

Sano Kagura
Kagura means ancient shinto music and dance. On the first Saturday of December, members from the shinto community dress in brightly coloured clothing and perform traditional dances near the Sano Shrine’s second torii gate.

Haraigawa Kagura
Another kagura dance occurs just one week after Sano Kagura, on the second Saturday of December every year. Performed by members of the Kirishima Shrine community, this kagura dance depicts men wielding katana swords.

Otaue Sai Festival
Every year on May 16th, a group of women from Takaharu dance a traditional stick dance in the fields near Sano Shrine. The dance has been handed down from mother to daughter for over 400 years and is dedicated to the gardens surrounding the shrine. The costumes are traditionally blue, red and striking yellow. This festival is a beautiful representation of the strong community and familial bonds in Takaharu.