Health & Fitness

Optometrist (map)
This eye specialist is on the right side of the road at the top of Takaharu, on route 221.

General Hospital (map)
Open till 10pm (Please check before going, a new one is being built so the site is a temporary one now). The head of doctors, Dr Agune speaks slow but very accurate English and is very understanding and patient.


Kirishima Onsen
Very close to Kirishima Temple, this is a mixed onsen where everybody wears white yukatas. There are a variety of onsen pools. Cost: 1800円.

Higashi Kirishima
At around 100 years old, this is Takaharu’s oldest onsen, with an A-structure building landmark.

Other Onsen include;

  • Sanyō Flower (map)
  • Ōjibaru (map)
  • Yunomoto (map)
  • Kogura 
  • Kofu 
  • Hastaro