Walking & Climbing trails & Recreational areas
Generally they are in the Kirishima region, so therefore will be called the Kirishima trails. Mount Takachiho is believed to be the birthplace of the first emperor of Japan. There is a sword stuck on the peak of the mountain. If you are relatively fit, the mountain can be climbed in about 3 hours. This is via Ojibaru Park from Takaharu; the other route is via Ebino Kogen.

Lake Miike
A volcanic crater lake that offers camping and natural settings. Good solid 3 hours easy walking trail around the lake. Rumored to be the favourite suicide spot for lost loves. Bungalows are also available. Fishing possible for a fee.

Ojibaru Park
Lodge houses, BBQ, a little bit of a walking trail, go-cart track, grass skiing – related activities, paid rainbow trout fishing. Quite nice and situated on a hill.