Sights & Attractions

Lake Miike and Wild Bird Camping Grounds (map)
Lake Miike is a volcanic crater lake that offers sweeping natural settings and a 3 hour, tranquil walking trail around the lake. The lake is rumoured to be a favourite suicide spot for lost loves. The nearby Wild Bird Camp Grounds has bungalows, two story cottages and tents available to rent and enjoy some bird watching. Fishing in the crater lake itself is possible for a fee and hiring a green, loch-ness monster-shaped paddle boat is a great way to enjoy the area if hiking isn’t for you.

Kirishima Temple (map)
The visually stunning Kirishima Temple actually belongs to Kagoshima prefecture, but it sits at the edge of Takaharu. Against the surrounding tall, lush trees, the shrine’s red exterior is striking and famous in Kyushu for being one of the top temples to visit. A must see for those looking to hike Kirishima.

Sano Shrine (map)
This shrine commemorates what is said to be the birthplace of Emperor Jimmu, Japan’s first emperor. On the path leading up to the shrine stands an extremely tall cedar tree renowned for being as straight as a needle. Many visitors to the shrine have claimed to feel as if they were being transported back in time on their visit to Sano Shrine.