Takanabe (高鍋町)

Takanabe (高鍋) quirkily means ‘High Pot’. The town is best known for its Lantern Festival, where approximately 1500 lanterns light up the streets at night. The central hub for this festival, Maizuru Park (舞鶴公園) is where the old Takanabe Castle stood, and is also where stage events and productions happen during the festival.


Furniture/Household goods There are many places to purchase furniture and household items.  Nafco, Homewide and sometimes Komeri are good starts.  All three of the chains can be found somewhere in our block.  In Miyazaki City there’s Aeon Mall with Jusco Mujirushi, and Nitori.  Near Aeon Mall is Hard Off second-hand store and in downtown Miyazaki, … Continue reading Shopping

Medical Care

Dr. Itou Dentist. 884-0006 宮崎県児湯郡高鍋町大字上江8368  Koyu-Gun Takanabe-Chou Uwae 8368 TEL: 0983-22-6321 Omori Naika Clinic Address:1347-2,Kitatakanabe,Takanabe,Koyu,Miyzaki TEL:(daytime):0983-22-0055 (night):0983-22-0055

Sights & Attractions

Killer Onsen Kaguchi beach and campground The ruins of Takanabe castle Takanabe history museum Takanabe art museum McDonalds! 😀


August- Sunflower festival October (mid) – Takanabe Lantern Festival