Volunteer at this year’s Sea Festa in Miyazaki!

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Sea Day (海の日) is coming, that lone public holiday in the long, hot month of July. It’s a day this island nation sets aside to show its gratitude and respect for the sea, and lots of people go to the beach. Why not join us there the day before?

On Sunday, July 17th, a group of friendly MAJETers are going to Sun Beach Hitotsuba (map) in Miyazaki City to volunteer at an event called Sea Festa (海フェスタ). This event started years ago to help encourage people with muscular dystrophy.  This year, event coordinators are expecting over 120 people to come—some are blind, some have brain injuries, and some have physical impairments. Our job is to help them enjoy the sea as much as we do!

The event coordinators are on the hunt for 300 volunteers, and are thrilled at the prospect of MAJET lending a hand. Volunteers can help guests participate in all sorts of activities like boat rides around the harbor, wading in pools, chatting and picnicking in tents set up around the area, and practicing English. Plus, we need performers! So why not join?

sea festa 2

If you speak Japanese, we need you. If you don’t speak Japanese, we need you. There’s lots of ways you can get involved:

  • Boat rides—go on the boats with the guests and make sure they are stable and secure
  • Wading pools/water games—help guests in and out of the pool and keep an eye on them while they’re enjoying the water
  • Food—handing out food/drinks to guests and helping them eat it (some of them need assistance in feeding themselves)
  • Performances—The event coordinator would really like people to play instruments or dance or sing, if possible.
  • Chatting—just talking with people and hanging out together


Click here to RSVP! The deadline is July 4th, so sign up now!


sea festa 3

What: Sea Festa (海フェスタ)

Where: Sun Marina Miyazaki

サンマリーナ宮崎 多目的広場

〒880-0834 宮崎県宮崎市新別府町前浜1400-16

When: Sunday, July 17, 8am-2pm


Feel free to share the official event poster at your schools and in your community!