Guide to Road Conditions

If you find yourself away from home during a natural disaster, or if you just need to get out of the house despite that pesky typhoon, be sure to check Miyazaki Prefecture’s road information webpage. This page gives you up to date information about road conditions 24/7, helping you to plan the best route to avoid closures, or know when you will need to use chains on your tires.

When you arrive at the webpage, click on the area which you’d like to see:

road conditions main

This will take you to a map showing the current road conditions. On the right side of the page, you can search by city for a closer look at your area. Use the guide to help you plan a safe route for your travels.

road conditions area


This is only a guide. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are sudden. Aftershocks cannot always be predicted. In times of heavy rain or typhoons, flash floods and landslides can occur without notice. Results of these occurrences may not be reflected here right away. Please exercise good judgement during times of disaster, and avoid going out when there are flood and landslide warnings in your area.