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One of the advantages of such an inaka prefecture is the abundance of nature there is to enjoy! Whether you’re looking for a quiet stroll or a challenging climb, Miyazaki has you covered!

Northwestern Miyazaki | Northeastern Miyazaki | Western Miyazaki

Central Miyazaki | Southern Miyazaki

Northwestern Miyazaki

Takachiho Olle Course 高千穂オルレコース
If you’ve ever wanted to get up-close and personal with Miyazaki’s nature and agriculture, this is a great chance! The Takachiho Olle takes you down into Takachiho Gorge, continues deep into the forest, and then carries you through miles of tea fields, orchards, and other local delights. The course takes about 5-6 hours for experienced hikers, so be sure to start early and allot enough time in the day for any additional breaks, etc.
Location: 〒882-1101 宮崎県西臼杵郡高千穂町三田井802−3 (map)
Website: https://www.welcomekyushu.com/kyushuolle/


Northeastern Miyazaki

Mount Mukabaki 行縢山
About twenty minutes from Nobeoka’s city center, Mukabaki is a favorite hiking spot for day-trippers. Halfway up is a beautiful waterfall where you can rest before continuing to the summit for a spectacular view. You can also camp at the Mukabaki Youth Nature House.
Location: 〒882-0077 宮崎県延岡市行縢町 (map)
Website: http://www.city.nobeoka.miyazaki.jp/english/

Osuzu Prefectural Park 尾鈴県立公園
Located in Tsuno, Mt. Osuzu boasts many waterfalls along its course. From a short, 40-minute hike to a full day excursion, Mt. Osuzu is a perfect place to immerse yourself in nature. If you’d like to extend your stay, there is also a campground in the park.
Location: 〒889-1201 宮崎県児湯郡都農町川北 宮崎県児湯郡都農町 (map)
Website: http://www.tsunokanko.com/page/osuzuyama.html


Western Miyazaki

Ebino Kougen えびの高原
This area is full of great hiking trails of all levels of difficulty!
Location: えびの高原 (map)

Website: http://www.bes.or.jp/ebino/
TEL: 0984-33-3002
Trekking Information:
(Japanese Only) http://www.trekking-ebinokogen.com/index.html
(English) http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e4627.html

Yatake Plateau 矢岳高原
Yatake offers one of the most spectacular views of Ebino. Located north of Kyoumachi area, a 20 minute drive on a winding mountain road will offer you great views, hiking trails, a campsite, and hang gliding for the more adventurous among us. Yatake Kougen is a popular spot for 初日の出 (Hatsuhinode – the first sunrise of the year). Belton Campsite offers teepee tents for camping in the summer months. Also, keep your eyes peeled for a giant Tanokansa (Ebino’s patron god) if you’re attempting to collect them all. Yatake is also where you can get your kicks with a bit of paragliding! The paragliding spot is on route 268; just follow the signposts for “hangliding” and “motor gliding.”
Location: 矢岳高原県立公園 (map)
〒889-4165 宮崎県えびの市西川北 宮崎県えびの市
TEL: 0984-35-1111


Central Miyazaki

Kaeda Valley
Located just outside Aoshima, Kadea Valley has many hidden treats. In particular, a variety of hiking paths ranging from a gentle river stroll to more difficult hikes and climbs.
Location: Kaeda Valley (map)


Southern Miyazaki

Cape Toi 都井岬
One of Kushima’s most famous landmarks is also a great place to go for a hike. There are several trails around the area for you to enjoy.
Location: 〒888-0221 宮崎県串間市大納 (map)
Website: https://kushima-city.jp/toi/about/

Inohae Gorge 猪八重渓谷
A nice place to go for a hike in the mountains. It’s famous for the many varieties of moss that grow there. Many people come to reap the therapeutic effects that the gorge is said to give. You’ll find some beautiful waterfalls at the end of this trail.
Location: 〒889-2403 Miyazaki-ken, Nichinan-shi, Kitagōchō Gōnoharakō, 北郷町北河内 (map)
Website: http://gonharu.info/

Mt. Komatsu
Nichinan’s tallest mountain has many hiking trails to explore.
Location: Yoshinokata, Nichinan, Miyazaki Prefecture 889-2513 (map)