Nichinan (日南市)

Nichinan (map) is best known for its beautiful and unspoiled coastline, surfing, seafood, and the aroma of Obi cedar trees. There are many sites and festivals worth seeing. Driving down Route 220, it is hard not to be distracted by the beautiful coastline and exquisite beach views. Signs indicate the best places for photo opportunities and surf, but feel free to explore the coastline at your leisure.

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Taxi Services Daiichi Nichinan TEL: 0987-23-2457 Nango TEL: 0987-64-0019 Kitago TEL: 0987-55-2035 Nankou TEL: 0987-23-5131 Miyako TEL: 0987-23-4141 Daiko Services Kotobuki TEL: 0987-25-2019 Nichinan TEL: 0987-27-1015 Sakura TEL: 0987-23-5403 Bus Services Bus route tables are updated yearly. If the below links do not work, please check the Miyazaki Kotsu website for the Nichinan lines (日南線). … Continue reading Services

Food & Drinks

The shops listed below are just some of our favorites! For even more ideas on places to check out, please take a look at our local Google map. Restaurants Murasakiya Ramen むらさきや On the main street of Obi, Murasakiya is a treasure unto itself. This shop offers the very best homemade tonkotsu ramen (とんこつラーメン) around. Location: … Continue reading Food & Drinks


In the Aburatsu area of Nichinan there is a large shopping center called Sapia that has a bit of everything including household items, clothing, groceries, luggage, and even a Daiso. Although small, this is the closest thing to a mall in Nichinan. For more specific items, see below. Local Products Nango Michi no Eki (map) is a road … Continue reading Shopping

Sites & Attractions

Obi Castle (飫肥城) The Obi district of Nichinan is considered the Kyoto of Kyushu. It is well preserved and there are several historical buildings and sites. What’s left of Obi Castle (map) is actually just the castle gate and wall – the rest of the castle burnt down. Inside the grounds is now an elementary … Continue reading Sites & Attractions


Hotels & Inns J’s Resort Hotel and golf club located in Kitago. Visit for a quick dip in the onsen or stay for a relaxing weekend. Location: ホテル ジェイズ 日南リゾート (map) 2821-1 Kitagōchō Gōnoharakō, Nichinan-shi, Miyazaki-ken 889-2402 Website: TEL: 0987-55-3333 Kanpo no Yado かんぽの宿 In central Nichinan near the sports park, Kanpo no Yado features a … Continue reading Lodging


Hanatate Park 花立公園 Located at the top of the mountain behind J’s Resort. There are 10,000 sakura trees planted on the hillside and you can see as far as the ocean on a clear day. This is definitely worth visiting in springtime. Location: 花立公園 展望台 (map) Kitagocho Gonoharako, Nichinan, Miyazaki Prefecture 889-2402 Website: Sakamoto Tanada 坂元棚田 Serving … Continue reading Outdoors

Festivals & Events

Nichinan has a variety of events and festivals to look forward to throughout the year. Below is a preview of what you can expect, but keep an eye on our Miyazaki Events Calendar for specific details and additional events! City Hall Morning Market Held the first Sunday of every month from 6:30-8:30am. Aburatsu Morning Market … Continue reading Festivals & Events

Health & Fitness

Hospitals and Clinics Eto Clinic えとうクリニック Dr. Eto is a friendly English speaking doctor. He specializes in internal medicine. If he can’t help you then he can put you in touch with someone who can. Eto Clinic is open weekdays until 6:00 PM and Saturday mornings until 12:00 PM. Walk-ins are fine, but there is sometimes … Continue reading Health & Fitness


Entertainment Karaoke Maneki Neko (Aburatsu) Karaoke Box Qx3 Nichinan Bowling Center Libraries Main Branch (Obi) Manabi-pia Branch (Aburatsu) Nango Branch (Heartful Center) Kitago Branch (Fureai Koryu Center) Sapia has an arcade and a variety of purikura booths on the second floor. Martial Arts Jodo (杖道) is a little-known martial art even in Japanese society. Jodo practitioners learn … Continue reading Recreation