In the Aburatsu area of Nichinan there is a large shopping center called Sapia that has a bit of everything including household items, clothing, groceries, luggage, and even a Daiso. Although small, this is the closest thing to a mall in Nichinan. For more specific items, see below.

Local Products

Nango Michi no Eki (map) is a road stop on the coast just south of Nichinan. It has great views of Oshima and other little islands. They sell local products and mango soft-serve ice cream. There is also a dome in which they grow various tropical plants and fruits.


Each grocery store, even between the different branches of the same store, stocks a unique selection. Be sure to check around before making a trip out to the city for what you’re looking for.

Taiyo (map) is a great place to go for your dairy (or dairy alternative) needs. They also have a great section of products in general. Their rewards system is actually beneficial, so sign up early if you’re going to be here a while! Lastly, Taiyo has the longest hours of any grocery store in Nichinan.

Coop (map) is a good place to find organic and special diet ingredients. They also have a larger meat/poultry selection and the best “bakery.”

Tomura (スーパーとむら) (has many locations around Nichinan. Their selection is not as extensive as Taiyo or Coop, but sometimes location trumps selection. Tomura also operates a yakiniku restaurant (map), which is very good.
Locations: Aburatsu (map), Agata (map), Kitago (map)Obi (map)

General Stores

Direx has a range of really cheap things including electronic goods, household items and deep bargains on food and drinks.
Locations: Agata (map)

Discount Drugstore Cosmos has a small grocery selection, but has the best prices for best for dry ingredients, alcoholic drinks, and household goods. They also have a very large selection of over-the-counter medications.
Locations: Aburatsu (map), Agata (map)

Yamakataya (map) is a department store.

Daiso (ダイソー) is a 100円 shop with a wide range of household goods, baking supplies, craft supplies, seasonal items, snacks, and more!

Locations: Aburatsu (map), Agata (map)


Fashion Center Shimamura (map) carries larger sized shoes and clothing and is very reasonably priced.

UNIQLO (map) is your go-to for larger sizes, seasonal wear, and clothing essentials.

Be-one (map) is a small fashion store in the Agata area.

Home & Electronics

Homewide (map) and Nafco Home Plaza (map) are hardware stores that sell everything including textiles, cookware, cleaning products, bicycles and furniture.

Yamada Denki (map) is where you can find electronics and appliances in a pinch, but the Kushima branch has a limited selection and the prices aren’t that great. If you can, you’d be better off heading to the city for your electronic needs.

Books & Media

Geo (map) offers DVD, CD, and manga rentals and a limited selection of books.

Tanaka Kenshindoku (map) is first and foremost a bookstore/stationary store, but also sells music and video games upstairs.

Tanaka Kenshindoku, 2nd Branch (map) is mainly a bookstore.