Get a taste of home in Japan


Just because you live in Japan doesn’t mean that you can only get reminders of home from care packages. We’ve compiled a list of places and sites that you can use to bring home a little closer to where you are.




The Flying Pig
Goods from Costco delivered to your door. Pay by bank transfer, cash on delivery, PayPal or credit card. If you are a Costco member you get a 5% discount.
 The Flying Pig
Foreign Buyers’ Club
Order either from the Kobe shop or direct from the US. Has a category for teaching materials. Pay by credit card or cash on delivery.
 Foreign Buyer’s Club
The Meat Guy
Order meats, pastries and cakes or cheese. There’s also a small vegetarian and dry goods section. Free Shipping for orders over 25 000 yen. Pay by bank transfer, cash on delivery or PayPal.
 The Meat Guy
Amazon Japan
English books. Pay by credit card or have the books delivered to a convenience store near your house and pay cash at the store when you collect the books.
 In English:
One of the largest online Indian grocery suppliers in Japan. Open every day except Wednesdays and Sundays to dispatch your order.
 English and Japanese: Indojin




(in Aeon Mall, Miyazaki City or Miyako City)
Lots of coffees but also dry goods, cheese, wine and holiday items (like Advent calendars for Christmas).
Kaldi store website (Japanese only)
Kaldi in Aeon Mall website (Japanese only)
On the first floor in Aeon Mall, across from the coffee shop.
Sunseal Sano Supermarket
A regular supermarket but has a few interesting imported products scattered around the store.
Driving north through Kadogawa the supermarket will be on your left. It’s just past the Kadogawa train station.
A supermarket chain in Miyazaki, usually has a small selection of foreign foods.  There are a number of locations within the prefecture.
 Locations of Foodaly in Miyazaki (Japanese only)
Donki Hote
(Miyazaki City, Near the Miyazaki Shrine Station)
A store with a lot of random stuff variable supply of foreign foods.
Bookworm Nobeoka
English bookstore and book exchange venue in Nobeoka city. Has a very helpful, friendly owner.
Close to Nobeoka station