The MAJET Committee

MAJET events are organized by the little group of volunteers that you see here.

Ultimately, MAJET’s purpose is to serve the community, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with any of us should you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions you’d like to share.

Administration Team

These folks are in charge of everything that is MAJET! From developing resources to organizing events and connecting people with opportunities, they’re working hard to make your time in Miyazaki the best it can be!

President: Cassie Conrad (Kushima, 5th year ALT)

Hey there! I come from a mid-sized town outside of Chicago, Illinois. This is my fourth year as a member of the MAJET Committee. I first joined the group because I wanted to become more involved in the Miyazaki JET community and to help strengthen relations between all Miyazaki residents, Japanese and foreign alike. I’ve also worked hard to develop our website into a resource that can be used not just by JETs, but by anyone wanting to visit or live in Miyazaki. I spend much of my free time either off adventuring somewhere or cozying up at home with my two cats, Mori-kun and Xylo-chan. This is my last year on JET, so I am looking forward to the many great things we’ll be doing!

Vice-President: Cooper Henckel (Miyazaki, 2nd year ALT)

Champion of Justice and Midwest Hero, I’m Cooper! I worked in community organizing before coming this way and doing the teacher life. I like everything in excess and am always the devil on your shoulder, whether it’s taking that spur of the moment trip, buying that expensive outfit, or signing up for great groups like MAJET. I like video games, meandering exploration, and arguing about any and everything. I joined MAJET to help organize and keep the awesome events going!

Treasurer and Events: Kyle Spencer (Miyazaki, 3rd year ALT)

Hey everyone! I’m from Washington D.C. (or close enough at least) and am entering my third year of JET. Most of my best memories have revolved around MAJET events in some fashion so I figured I’d give back and help out in the best way I can: by mathing and working on events. I love video games, baseball, and exploring this kick-ass prefecture known as Miyazaki.

Events and Communications: Hayley Closter (Mimata, 2nd year ALT)

I’m Hayley, your friendly mate from Down Under! No, I DON’T own a pet kangaroo, wrestle  crocodiles, or wear cork hats. I DO live in thongs (the footwear people, jeez!), love coffee and reading, take ballet and salsa classes or marathon Netflix shows in my spare time. I’m starting my second year as a JET and this will be my first year on MAJET. I participated in and helped plan a few MAJET events in my first year and adored the experience so here I am again! Super excited to bring lots of fun events to both the Japanese and foreign community in Miyazaki and generally confuse everyone with Aussie slang. So if ya chuck a sickie, be sure to stop by the bottle-o, bring a plate this arvo and I reckon we’ll have ourselves a grouse rage!

Communications Team:

These lovely ladies will be making sure you know what’s up in Miyazaki by bringing you information about all the latest events, cool new hangouts, and any other interesting tidbits that come their way!

Katie Alonso (Nobeoka, 3rd year ALT)

Hey there! I proudly hail from Orlando, Florida, about 15 minutes north of Disney World, and 15 minutes east of Universal Studios Resort. This is my first year on MAJET, but my third year in Miyazaki, teaching at an academic senior high school in Nobeoka. I decided to join because after talking with my friends in other prefectures, I realized how disconnected some of them are from the rest of their communities, JETs and locals alike, and how difficult that makes their lives. I think it’s really great that our MAJET committee works so hard to host events throughout the year, and I wanted to be a part of that. I usually spend my free time exploring, watching TV, and reading. This will (probably) be my last year here, so I really hope to make it the most fulfilling yet. Feel free to reach out to me and I will do my best to help. Holla at cha girl, folks.

Jackie Williams (Miyazaki, 2nd Year ALT)

Hello! I’m Jackie and my claim to individuality is being the only Irish JET in Miyazaki. Although, I’m arguably the least Irish person you will ever meet… sorry! I’m new to MAJET, I joined because I think AJET plays an important role in the JET community, whether bringing people together through events, being a resource to guide you through the always interesting but often confusing tasks of everyday life in a new country, or just as a sounding board for people. I love cinema and cheese manju. When I’m not hiding in the dark, watching films, and eating cheese manju I enjoy travelling, hiking, sketching and drinking red wine (the latter two activities always go together). If you see me about, say hey!

Support Team:

Whether it’s keeping track of meetings, helping us reach a wider audience by translating our communications, or just little things here and there, these guys help us make sure things get done!

Secretary: Mathew Borisoff (Miyazaki, 2nd year ALT)

Yo! I’m from California and lived in the Los Angeles area before coming to Miyazaki. It’s my first year as a member of MAJET! MAJET events seem like a great way to get out, meet other people, and experience new things about Miyazaki, so I decided to help out! I like manga, anime, games, and all that other nerdy stuff. In my free time I dream that I’ll get off my butt and start grinding Japanese again, but we’ll see where that goes. If you happen to see me around, say hello!


General Support: Chris Golden (Hyuga, 4th year ALT)

And in this corner, wearing the black and white UMBC trunks, weighing in at eighty-secret kilos. He is a sarcastic fighter, with a record of 0-0-0-0-0-0, and a power level over 9000!!! He goes by many names; The Oldman, Mr. Pibbles, Captain Charisma… He is, the legendary, undisputed something-weight champion of his whole apartment!

Chriiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssss  Gooooooooooooooooldeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!

Past MAJET Teams

2016-2017: Jodi Dobinsky, Makaya Moore, Cassie Conrad, Manu Somerville, Peter Bagley, Aurian Eghbalian, Jon Moore, Tam Gibbs, Kyle Spencer

2015-2016: Cassie Conrad, Joanna Gwinnett, Jodi Dobinsky, Manu Somerville, Bethany Harven, Marla Kallstrom


2014-2015: Julian Novales Flamarique, Annica Curtis, Alissa Berdahl, Larissa Milo-Dale, Jodi Dobinsky, Manu Somerville, and Cassie Conrad (Not pictured: Toshiyuki Aochi)