Japan is a land of endless events and festivals (matsuri 祭り), quite unlike any other country in the world. You can get your fill at almost any time, and in any place.

If you want to schedule a visit to the noteworthy and often world-famous festivals here in Miyazaki prefecture, MAJET has put together a list (by season) of some of the most notable festivals you can look forward to when coming to Miyazaki. To find out more about them, explore the links below.

For a more comprehensive list of festivals by location, please check out our Exploring Miyazaki section!

To help with planning upcoming vacations and weekends, MAJET has also put together a Miyazaki Festival and Events Calendar for all of the noteworthy events and festivals coming up in the prefecture. We try to keep this calendar updated every month, so if you know of an event and want to add it, just message us!


Miyakonojo Okage Festival
The Star (Tanabata) Festival


Takachiho Shrine Nightly Yokagura


Aoshima Naked Man Festival (Hadaka Mairi)
Miyakonojo World Festa
Kiyotake Plum Blossom and Kimono Festival


Doll Festival / Girls’ (Hinamatsuri)
Cherry Blossom (Sakura) Viewing (Hanami)