The Wizarding World of Miyazaki!

The time has finally come for the 7th Annual Amazing Race Miyazaki! This is one of our biggest events of the year. Some of you may already be familiar with the American TV show, The Amazing Race. The Amazing Race Miyazaki is loosely based around this televised competition. In this event, teams race to solve clues, complete challenges, and earn points!

Each year, MAJET chooses a new theme and different locations around Miyazaki City for their Challenges to take place, giving participants the chance to discover new secrets about the city. This year, the race will be based in Central Miyazaki, and each Challenge and their Clues will take you on a journey through the wizarding world of Harry Potter!

今年もいよいよやって参りました -MAJETの第7回アメージング・レース宮崎! MAJETのイベントの内でも、もっとも人気なな行事です。アメリカのテレビ番組「The Amazing Race」 と同じ形式で行われ、参加者はチームと一緒に様々なヒントを使って「チャレンジ」を完成させながらゴールまでたどり着かなければならない競争です。 今年のイベントは宮崎市で開催されます!毎年レースの「ヒント」や「チャレンジ」にテーマがあり、今年のテーマは 「ハリーポッター」です!

Event Info – イベント情報

Date: Saturday April 14th, 2018
Start Location:  Miyazaki-ken Sougobunka Park (map)
Note: the race will finish at a different location in Aoshima.
Time: Registration:  9:00 am
Opening ceremony: 10:00 am
The race is expected to end around 4:00 pm.
Registration Fee: ¥500 (MAJET members); ¥700 (non-MAJET members)
Your registration fee will be due on the day of the event.

スタート:宮崎県総合文化公園 (地図)
参加費:¥500 (MAJETメンバー);¥700 (MAJETメンバーでない方)

About the Event – イベントについて

In the Amazing Race Miyazaki, you will compete in teams of 4-5 people. Teams will be composed of both Japanese and foreign participants, as both Japanese and English skills will be needed for the race. Participants may request one other person to race with. Each person needs to submit their own RSVP form. Using the reservations and race-partner requests, MAJET will build the teams in order to ensure an even distribution of Japanese and English speakers in each team.

As a team, you will have to complete Challenges. After completing a given Challenge, the Challenge Master will give you a Clue to the location of the next Challenge. During the race, you will also be able to win points for your team. There are two chances to win – by finishing the race first or by accumulating the most points. These teams will be the winners of the Amazing Race Miyazaki 2017!

アメージング・レース宮崎には、四人チームで参加します。レース中は日本語と英の両方が必要となるので、各チームで日本人と外国人のメンバーを組み合わせます。 参加者はRSVPの際一緒にチームを組みたい1名をリクエストすることができます。RSVPとリクエストを参考にして、MAJETが日本語力と英語力どっちもが十分な4人チームを組み合わせます。各参加者は受付の際自分のフォームを入力しなければなりません。


Important Note – 重要情報

Participating in the race requires you to be walking (or occasionally running) for most of the event. Before signing up, please be certain that you are capable of mild physical activity and that you are comfortable being on your feet for long periods of time. Note as well that the Challenges have been designed to be fun and challenging, but not embarrassing or dangerous. As with any activity however, there is a mild risk of injury (e.g. tripping and falling, spraining an ankle). Participants of The Amazing Race Miyazaki 2018 should understand and personally assume these risks before agreeing to participate in this event, and agree to release MAJET from all liability relating to injuries that they may occur during the event.

レースに参加する方はイベント中のほとんんど歩くことになります(走ることもあるかもしれません)。尚、参加者したい方はは軽い運動がてきて長い時間立っていられる方のみでお願いします。 それからチャレンジは楽しくて難しいですが、危険な行動や当惑をさせるようなチャレンジではありません。しかし競争なので、転んだり、足首をひねったりする恐れがあります。MAJETはアメージング・レース宮崎2017で起こる怪我は責任を負いません。参加者はご理解をお願いします。

RSVP – 受付

The deadline to sign up to this event is Sunday, April 8th. This event is very popular, and this year space is limited this year to 64 participants. Please RSVP quickly to ensure you have a spot!

To register for The Amazing Race Miyazaki, please fill out this form. Reminder: If you sign up with a partner, both parties must submit an RSVP form. Please make sure that your partner submits their form too. If you don’t have a partner, don’t worry, you don’t need one to sign up!!  MAJET will create all of this year’s teams so that there is an even distribution of Japanese and English speakers, whether you’re registered solo or in a pair.

Consider your availability carefully before registering for The Amazing Race Miyazaki. This event requires a lot of planning, and last-minute cancellations will negatively impact planning and other participants. Once you RSVP, please refrain from cancelling unless absolutely necessary. Responding to the event on Facebook is NOT CONSIDERED AN OFFICIAL RESERVATION; you must use the Google form.

申し込みの締め切りは2017年4月8日(月)です。 誰でも参加できますが、人気のあるイベントなので、人数は64人までです。なるべく早めに登録することをお勧めします!


受付する前には、参加できるかどうかよく考えてもらえると助かります。このイベントは長時間計画することが必要なので来れなくなった方はなるべく早めに知らせてください。更に受付したら本当に重要な理由以外でキャンセルすることをご遠慮ください。 Facebookのイベントページで返事をしても予約とはなりません。必ずグーグルのフォームで受付をしてください。

This event is brought to you by MAJET and the Miyazaki City International Association
主催:MAJET     共催:宮崎市国際交流協会

He Had It Comin’

Black Board Group ShotThe dismal rainy weather did nothing to deter Miyazaki’s finest flappers and sneakiest mobsters from attending the secret party at Rosie Marie’s speakeasy in early March. Sakatani Roadside Campground Centre had been dolled up as the jumping Juice Joint, complete with a bar manned by Gino Gin and the sultry tones of Dina Diva’s vocals. The guest list included two warring mobsters, Southside Sal and Notorious Nick, whose names were on everyone’s lips all night. Was one of them responsible for the recent death of Rosie’s husband Louis? Upon arrival, everyone was handed a mysterious envelope by waitress Kitty Cocktail, the instructions and contents of which possible held the answer to that very question.  Continue reading

The Amazing Race 2018- Call for Volunteers!

Hello hello! It’s time to plan this year’s Amazing Race Miyazaki!

If you’re not sure what the Amazing Race is, check out our past blog posts!

The event will be held on Saturday, April 14th, 2018. To keep things fresh, we’ll be moving from last year’s location in Aoshima back to central Miyazaki City. This year’s theme is something magical (we think you’re gonna love it!), but we need your help to make it a reality. Continue reading

Mobsters, Murder, and All That Jazz: MAJET’s 2nd Murder Mystery Night!

All’s quiet in Miyazaki in March. Spring has begun and the promise of impending cherry blossoms can warm some of the coldest of hearts. But not all hearts… The retreating Winter chill can’t be kept at bay when there’s murder in the air!


2016’s Cabin in the Woods: Murder Mystery

MAJET’s Murder Mystery event is back this year with a theme that’s piping hot! As you travel to Nichinan, travel back almost 100 years to the Roaring 20s, a time of mobsters, bootleggers, flappers, jazz singers, slick bar tenders, speakeasy saloon owners, and corrupt policemen. Prohibition has just been lifted which means there’s cause for celebration at the shifty saloon, Juice Joint. You’re all on the invitation list! The question is, who is on the hit list? Join us for the 2nd MAJET Murder Mystery Night to find out!  Continue reading

2018 SDC Otsukare Banquet

This year’s ALT Skills Development Conference, on February 2nd, will mark a full day of presentations and brainstorming. To celebrate making it through such an arduous day, MAJET is throwing a party to say Otsukaresama!

Meet us at the delectable international buffet Manmaaru for an ‘Otsukare Banquet’. The tabenomi houdai will include delicious dishes from Italy, Turkey, Mexico, Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, India, the Phillipines, and Morocco, and even caters to various allergy and dietary requirements. There will be meat-free options and allergen and gluten labelled dishes so you can enjoy a carefree dining experience. Continue reading

Winter Wonderland in Ebino

This blog entry has been updated to reflect details about the rescheduled 2018 Ice Skating event, which will now occur on February 4th.

skating_hyuna (1)

Sleigh bells ring
are you listening
In the lane
snow is glistening
A beautiful sight
we’re happy tonight
Skating in a winter wonderland

In Ebino, we can skate like pros
And pretend that we’re Michelle Kwan
Hyuna-chan will say
let’s go for onsen
Then we’ll soak all night
amidst the snow

The perfect winter is a mix of hot and cold: curling up next to the fire, snowball fights, and hot chocolate. With that in mind, we’d love to invite you all to Miyazaki’s perfect mix of hot and cold. The Ebino Plateau in winter is absolutely breathtaking. Often blanketed in Japan’s famous powdered snow, it’s the perfect scene for MAJET’s first event of the year, and an annual favourite, Winter Wonderland in Ebino!

Meet us at Ebino Highlands Skating Rink for ice skating, hot ramen, and curry, then chase the cold away with a long dip in Ebino’s famous onsens! Continue reading

The 2017 Miyazaki City International Festa

Every December, the Miyazaki international Foundation hosts a grand international exchange event, and this year’s was the biggest yet!

Groups from throughout the prefecture came to host information booths to teach about their home countries and cultures. Many people performed traditional music or danced on stage. Visitors enjoyed trying their hand at crafts, practicing a new language, and playing new instruments. A variety of food and drinks were available as well.

Many of our JETs submitted artwork to the exhibition. It was so hard to choose a favorite because all of the pieces were so great!

There was even a Japanese speech contest! We don’t get many chances to try and give a big speech in Japanese, so this was a great opportunity to test our skills.

The Kiyotake  International Association, Miyazaki City International Association, and MAJET took advantage of the event’s timing to feature Christmas Around the World! There was a raffle with many Christmas toys and decorations as prizes, and many guests enjoyed having their face painted.

MAJET’s activity booth was popular with people of all ages! Adults enjoyed making German Froebel stars and trying our Christmas-themes origami, while the younger guests enjoyed making colorful popsicle  stick ornaments. Many guests were curious about our Christmas display, and others enjoyed getting the chance to exchange stories with our volunteers.

This year’s International Festa was truly a great experience. If you missed it, be sure to try and stop by next year!

Thank you to all our of wonderful volunteers who helped make the day special.