2018 SDC Otsukare Banquet

This year’s ALT Skills Development Conference, on February 2nd, will mark a full day of presentations and brainstorming. To celebrate making it through such an arduous day, MAJET is throwing a party to say Otsukaresama!

Meet us at the delectable international buffet Manmaaru for an ‘Otsukare Banquet’. The tabenomi houdai will include delicious dishes from Italy, Turkey, Mexico, Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, India, the Phillipines, and Morocco, and even caters to various allergy and dietary requirements. There will be meat-free options and allergen and gluten labelled dishes so you can enjoy a carefree dining experience.

When: February 2nd
Time:   6:30pm check-in
              7:00pm start
              9:00pm finish
Where: Manmaru
Miyazaki-shi, Tachibanadōrihigashi, 4 Chome−8−1,
Carino B1F 〒880-0805 Miyazaki-ken, (map)
Cost: ¥4000 MAJET members; ¥4500 non-members

日時: 2月2日 (金曜日)
時間:19:00-21:00, 受付は18:30から
場所: 宮崎県宮崎市橘通東4-8-1カリーノ宮崎店 ビル地下1F (map)
費用:4000円 (MAJETメンバー), 4500円  (非会員 ノンメンバー)

The tabenomi houdai course will start promptly at 7pm so please make sure you arrive before this time to make the most of the 2 hour time slot.

*Photos taken from Tabelog


MAJET will not be planning a specific nijikai but we highly recommend you make use of the great nijikai venues around the city. K Bar, Shidax Karaoke, and The Bar are some of our top picks. There will most likely be small nijikai groups going to various places that you’ll be able to join.


To attend this event, please fill out this Google Form before Thursday, February 1st. Any RSVP form received after this deadline will not be counted. Invitations are not limited to SDC attendees so if you’d like to invite guests, please ask them to submit their own RSVP form. Anyone is welcome!

We’re looking forward to catching up with everyone to enjoy an Otsukaresama kanpai! Cheers!

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