Medical Information

Medical-01All JETs are covered by two kinds of medical insurance: National Health Insurance and The JET Programme Accident Insurance Policy.

National Health Insurance 

JETs are required by law to have National Health Insurance. You should have a light blue National Health Insurance card. It is important to carry your National Health Insurance card with you at all times. National Health Insurance covers 70% of medical expenses. When visiting the hospital, a clinic or getting medication from a pharmacy, you will need this card.

JET Programme Accident Insurance 

JETs are automatically enrolled in the JET Programme Accident Insurance Policy. This policy covers medical expenses not covered by National Health insurance and that exceeds 円5000. Dental expenses are not covered. For full details about coverage see the JET Programme website

The website also has a section on how to file a claim.


Emergency numbers

Ambulance: 119
Fire: 119
Police: 110

The number for the fire department and ambulances is the same so you will need to specify which service you need. Ambulance is KYU KYU-SHA and fire is KAJI in Japanese. Stay on the line until the operator understands your address and telephone number.


Finding a Medical Facility


Below, you’ll find a list of recommended hospitals and clinics in major areas of the prefecture. Most of these are English-capable. You can also use the Miyazaki Prefecture Medical Navigation Site to search within the prefecture for a medical facility that suits your needs.

*NOTE: while the listing may say the doctor speaks English, call ahead to confirm whether or not this is actually the case.

Miyazaki City

Miyazaki Prefectural Hospital map

Fiorekoga Clinic map
宮崎県宮崎市高千穂通2丁目7‐14 (Eki-mae)

Miyazaki Medical University Hospital map
Telephone number:0985-85-1510
Address: 宮崎県宮崎市清武町木原5200


Kai Dentistry Clinic. Many of the JETs in the area go to Setsuko Abe.


Yoshida Clinic. Almost opposite the shrine in Zaikouji. The doctor speaks English and the staff are very friendly and helpful. You’ll have to call and make an appointment beforehand. If it’s your first time at the clinic they will make you a membership card, which you can use for subsequent visits.



Itou Dentistry. Located about 2 blocks south of the Takanabe Town Gymnasium. Very good English-speaking dentist.

Omori Clinic. Located across the street from the Marushock in Takanabe.