Miyazaki City (宮崎市)

Miyazaki City is the active hub of the prefecture. The ‘Zak, it is also the one that sees the biggest influx of all things hip, current, and progressive, offering a vast array of museums, niche restaurants and nightlife. The ALTs and other foreign folk who live here would certainly attest to no end of things to do, places to discover, and experiences to unearth.

Founded in 1924, Miyazaki City is one of the youngest cities in the entire country. In 2006, as happens with many sprawls taking over the domains of outlying towns and villages, the towns of Sadowara, Takaoka and Tano merged into Miyazaki City. This city has an approximate population of 400,000, and is the second-largest in the prefecture.

City Website: http://www.city.miyazaki.miyazaki.jp/index.html
Tourism Website: http://www.miyazaki-city.tourism.or.jp/

Important Places

MiyazakiEki Miyazaki Station (宮崎駅)
The main train station is in walking distance to the central business district and an excellent planetarium. NOTE: Minami Miyazaki Station (one stop south) is where you will need to change trains for certain trains that travel onward to the southern part of the prefecture.

MiyazakiKencho Kencho (県庁)
The Kencho is a common destination for ALTs as this is the prefectural headquarters of the program and host to a number of fine Miyazaki JET Programme participants. The Kencho is also a well-known public landmark with its unique architecture and association with famous ex-governor Higashikokubaru Hideo. To get to the Kencho you can follow Tachibana-dori south until you see the tree-lined street leading east (if you reach the City Hall or cross the river you have gone too far). Or go from Miyazaki Station, exit west and turn south onto the road that runs perpendicular to Takachiho-dori, and follow this one south until you reach the tree lined straight that runs west. “Tree lined street” seems vague, but it’s very hard to miss this street, and it is very important since not only is the Kencho on this street, but the Immigration Office (where you will need to go to get visas), and the Central Police Station (where you will need to go if you get in trouble) are situated here.

MiyazakiCityHall City Hall (市役所)
On Tachibana-dori at the most southern end before you cross the river is the City Hall, where you will need to go for paperwork involving foreigner registration if you live in Miyazaki City. There is underground parking that is relatively inexpensive (usually free for short stays). Across the street from the city hall is an excellent udon (うどん) restaurant; however it is only open for lunch.

The categories below are made up of recommendations from JETs in Miyazaki.

Health & Fitness

Miyazaki-shi Night Emergency Center (宮崎市夜間急病センター)  After hours clinic 7pm-7am, weekends. Located near Aeon mall. 〒880-0834 宮崎県宮崎市新別府町船戸738-1 Ph: 0985-23- 3119 Koga General Hospital (古賀総合病院 ) General ailments, colds & flu. Located next to the station, no English. 〒880-0041 宮崎県宮崎市池内町数太木1749-1 Ph:0985-39- 8888 Website: http://www.kgh.or.jp/ Ayabe Clinic (綾部医院) Internal medicine, Cardiology. English Available. 〒880-0866 宮崎県宮崎市川原町4-3 Ph: 0985-22-2023 Nakano Clinic (中野医院) Dermatology. English … Continue reading Health & Fitness


 Ichibangai (一番街) is a long arcade that is a little south of Bon Belta, running parallel with Takachiho-dori. All the streets that lead off of Ichibangai are essentially Miyazaki City’s entertainment district, playing host to an impressive number of bars, clubs, restaurants, and venues such as karaoke booths and game arcades. There are a number of excellent … Continue reading Entertainment


Shopping Malls  Tachibana-dori (橘道理) Tachibana is the main street of Miyazaki city, with the entertainment district and the restaurant district at the northern end, and the City Hall and Prefectural buildings at the south. The same street that leads from Miyazaki Station due west, Takachiho-dori intersects with Tachibana. This can properly be considered the central business and … Continue reading Shopping


Oyodo River (大淀川)  The iconic river that runs through Miyazaki City, the Oyodo River offers some of the best views and activities you can do in Miyazaki. Along the river runs the scenic Aya biking trail, a must for any bike enthusiasts and best enjoyed during spring and summer. Numerous hotels and restaurants dot the riverside and … Continue reading Outdoors

Food & Drinks

Miyazaki City has more good places to eat than you can shake a stick at! Below are some of the best. Krungthep (クルンテープ) (map) A little Thai, a little Indian, and a whole lot of goodness. Try the banana with coconut cream for dessert! Fan of Thai food? Also try Mangoya & Trisara in the downtown area. Sajyowan … Continue reading Food & Drinks

Sights & Attractions

 Miyazaki Jingu (宮崎神社) (map), located in the center of the city, is dedicated to the first Emperor of Japan, Jinmu, and his mother, Tamayori-hime. Many events are held each year at the shrine including Miyazaki Shrine Grand Festival that features a parade procession from the shrine to downtown Miyazaki at the end of October. There’s also the Yabusame … Continue reading Sights & Attractions


The Erekocha Matsuri is a dance festival that takes place in mid-late July. Phoenix Jam Night is an event that takes places at the Phoenix Seagaia Resort in mid-July. The Miyazaki City Fireworks Festival is held at the Oyodo River in early August. The Miyazaki International Festival takes place at the end of September. The … Continue reading Festivals