Food & Drinks

Miyazaki City has more good places to eat than you can shake a stick at! Below are some of the best.

Krungthep (クルンテープ) (map) A little Thai, a little Indian, and a whole lot of goodness. Try the banana with coconut cream for dessert! Fan of Thai food? Also try Mangoya & Trisara in the downtown area.

Sajyowan ( サジョワン) (map) Curry restaurant on Route 10. Choose how hot you want your curry to be. Yummy coconut ice cream.

Hibiki Ramen ( ラメン) (map) One of the better known and one of the best of Miyazaki’s ramen shops, Hibiki is a must-try for salty noodle lovers. May it never close, r’amen.

Warawara (笑笑) (map) An affordable and reliable small-snacks and finger food izakaya, grand for the peckish feelings in-between drinking. Walk a few hundred meters east of Yamakataya department store, in the direction of Miyazaki Station.

Kyouchikuen (夾竹園) Kyouchikuen is a cheap and cheerful family restaurant that offers delicious course meals or individual dishes, at affordable prices. Their giant red stores and giant red and gold billboards are impossible to miss. Very importantly, Kyouchikuen is also a good place to try some cheap Miyazaki Beef.
Locations: Miyazaki Kita, Miyazaki Minami, Otsuka

Gotokuya (五徳や) (map) A good place to go to get standard Japanese meals such as katsu and kara-age (唐揚げ). Serves up a pretty good Chicken Namban as well.

Sushi Tora (寿司虎) is a famous conveyor belt sushi chain which originated in Kushima City. It’s a little more expensive than sushi-ro or the other 108yen/plate sushiplaces, but the quality and flavor is worth it. Try their 炙りsushi-it’s the best! Free miso soup with lunch.
Locations: Miyazaki Minami, near Aeon Mall

Ogura (おぐら) (map) The birthplace of ‘Chicken Namban’! The original chicken nanban belongs to a store in Nobeoka, however, Ogura was the first restaurant to make the addition of tartar sauce. Don’t go here unless you’re really hungry. The portions are Gaijin-sized, so feel free to ask for no rice.

Yawaraku (和楽) (map) Affectionately known as the hobbit Japanese style izakaya with all you can eat & all you can drink option available.

Upper Yard (アッパヤード) (map) A great eclectic restaurant with foreign choices. Gorge on burgers, Hawaiian or “Mexican” food. Really, ‘gorge’.

Viva La Vida (map) Fussy eater? How about trying a restaurant with no menu! Name your ingredients and watch the chef at work.

Tomato Ramen (麺やとまと) (map) So freakin’ oishii !  You’ll leave with your own Tomato Ramen food baby. Healthy ramen (or at least, healthier…). They can also cater to vegetarian palates!

Aruberobero Pizza (アルベロベロ) (map) Your thin crust pizza fixer joint.  The Japanese owner spent time perfecting his pizza skills in Italy. Try the squid ink pasta – who knew black tasted so good?!

Fruits Oono (フルーツ大野) (map) Craving fresh fruit? How about a fruit parfait! A little on the expensive side, around 900yen, but amazing! Good to share or keep all for yourself  You will often have to wait to go in. Write your name on the page at the entrance if all the seats are taken.

Corner Bar (map), opposite the Mister Donut shop on Ichibangai, is an excellent all-round place for a sit-down western meal.

Mt. Everest Curry House (エベレストカレーハウス) (map) is rated as one of the best restaurants in Miyazaki among foreigners.

Halo Halo (ハロハロ) (map) specializes in Southeast Asian food. Their sets are amazing and a good value for your money. The green curry and pad thai sets are especially delicious!

Hokkori (ほっこり) (map) serves traditional Japanese food, and has large set meals for fairly cheap during the lunch hour. Conveniently located near the BOE.

be good vegelovers チャゴ (map) is a vegan/vegetarian restaurant near the Bunkakoen. A little bit pricey, but quite delicious.


The Bar Miyazaki (map) is the place to go if you want bar games along with your drinks. There is a pool table and darts, and they also show big sports matches on occasion. most of the bartenders speak English.

Youko (妖子) (map), also known as “Takeru’s Bar,” is an all you can drink and karaoke bar. Takeru, the owner, speaks English.

K-Bar (map) is an all you can drink and karaoke bar. They usually have the best drink deals, and most of the bartenders speak English.