Living and Working

For new foreign residents who are looking to stick around in Miyazaki and Japan, there are many pitfalls and details you might have missed, or simply not been aware of. Have a look see at what we have to say about driving in Japan, learning Japanese and what places you can consult for more information. Simply click on any of the links below.

MINIkanjiLearning Japanese

Some useful Japanese terms for beginners. For a much wider range of links and sites that cater to Japanese of all levels, check out the links at the end of the simple-Japanese tables of content.


Miyazaki is always having a ball or a bash somewhere. If you’re so inclined you could probably do a festival every single weekend. We’re not kidding, so go here and find out links to scoping out the best matsuri action.

MINIBusTraveling and Getting Around

Whether you’re comfortable taking Japan’s very efficient public transport systems, or happier being at large under your own car-driven power, here’s what you need to know to get started on getting around in Miyazaki.

MINIDriveDriving in Miyazaki

For folks who would much rather have control over their own transport, any time and toward any place, here’s what you as foreign resident of the prefecture need to know in order to get started.

MINIHopsitalMedical Information

Whether you’re a skilled Japanese culture buff, or a total newbie, you can never know enough about Japan’s medical schemes, clinics and places you need to keep close in mind for those emergency situations. Check these pages out to find out more.

MINIWinesGetting a taste of home…

Some are lucky enough to go home often, and others lucky enough to get bombarded by care packages every once in a while. If that isn’t enough, here are some places and sites you can check out to make it easier getting a bit of home to your Japanese doorstep (or kitchen).