Traveling and Getting Around

10/15/15: This page is still under construction. Please check back for future updates!

Whether you’re looking for a way to get around town, or want to explore other areas, Miyazaki Prefecture is well connected to Kyushu and the rest of the world by roads, ferries, and planes. Inside of cities, you can easily get around by car, bicycle, or by using public transportation.



Whether for getting around the city or accessing areas the trains don’t go, buses are a great option for traveling around the prefecture. There are also several long-distance bus companies to help you get further afield.


Cycling is, by far, the most popular way to get around in Miyazaki, and also a great way to explore.

kei carDriving

Some places in Miyazaki can only be accessed by car. However, driving comes with many responsibilities.


Fancy a hop over to Shikoku for some temple action, or a jaunt to Yakushima for some Ghibli-esque adventure? For getting between islands, another option is taking the ferry.


Sometimes, flying actually works out to be the most inexpensive travel option. If you’re looking to take a weekend trip within Japan, or contemplating some international travel, flying just might be your answer.


Trains will not only get you to many places within Miyazaki, but may be your ticket outside the prefecture if you don’t have a car.

 Travel Agents

A majority of Japanese people will use travel agents when planning trips. Agencies can be found everywhere. Talk to JET friends about English speaking agents in your area. Many of them have passable English and are very dedicated, and they can definitely save your wallet some agony.