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Miyazaki Prefecture’s airport is located in Miyazaki City. From Miyazaki Airport (宮崎空港), there are flights to and from Fukuoka, Nagoya, Osaka, Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, and Okinawa (Naha).

Flying from Miyazaki can be very expensive. Also, for several destinations, Miyazaki does not have daily flights. You’ll usually find you can save a lot of money by carpooling, taking the bus, or riding the train to another larger airport (e.g. Fukuoka, or Kagoshima) and catching a wider range of flights from there.

Try checking for flights about two or three months before a trip, as many fares will not show up earlier. In Japan, fares for flights are usually lower 90 days out, and climb up every 30 days or so that you get closer to your flight, and will also be cheaper the further ahead of time you book.

Some websites we recommend for cheap travel are:

  • SKYMARK Airlines (formally SkyNet – go figure): They use their sister company Solaseed Air to fly out of the Miyazaki Airport.
  • H.I.S. Travel: This is a travel company that caters to the foreign community in Japan.
  • IBEX Airlines: The information on this website is Japanese only.
  • Peach Airlines: If you don’t mind flying in a pink winged cigar, this budget airline is very useful. They also have an English site. Really cheap flights can be found from Kagoshima airport to Osaka, Tokyo, or even as far north as Sapporo. This airline is able to offer cheap fares because they have a self check-in counter only and keep in-flight services to a minimum. Despite the fact that this airline doesn’t offer all of the frills, they do offer jaw-dropping low prices.
  • JAL and ANA: Japan’s major national airlines. Both their websites have an English option, but flights through these carriers are not always the cheapest.
  • Sky Scanner: This site often finds very reasonable rates for flights all over the world, and is a great starting point when you’re loking to compare options.


If you have a few minutes to spare (possibly before your flight) drop by this spot to see airplanes come in for a landing right above your head. It’s a wonderful experience.