Kushima (串間市)

The most southerly city in Miyazaki prefecture, Kushima City (map) is a quiet town sprawling across nearly 250 square kilometers. The population is currently around 20,000half of what it was during the city’s prime in the 50’s. This is mostly due to the distance of the city from other major centers. The upside is that there is a cornucopia of unspoiled natural scenes and places for the adventurous tourist to enjoy!

City Website: http://www.city.kushima.lg.jp/  |  Tourism Website: http://kushima-city.jp/index.html

Local Facebook group: Minaminaka Nakama  |  Local Google map: Minaminaka Lifestyle Map

Nearby:  Nichinan  |  Mimata  |  Miyakonojo


Cape Toi 都井岬 Cape Toi is a national park and has a wide variety of sights to enjoy, including a cycad forest, bizarre and perpetually surprised-looking Japanese macaque monkeys, herds of wild horses (arguably descended from the scores of horses left there by the decimated samurai), and enormous abandoned hotels that have stood eerily vacant since the … Continue reading Outdoors

Festivals & Events

Kushima Morning Yomukan Market Held every Sunday from 7:00-9:00am. Fukushima Port Firework Festival Held each year on or around August 12th.  There is a large variety of food stalls as well as a stage with live music performances. Cape Toi Fire Festival (都井岬火祭り) Kushima’s biggest event of the year is held for two days at … Continue reading Festivals & Events

Sights & Attractions

Koujima 幸島 ”Monkey Island” If you like to see wild macaques frolic about in droves, head to Kushima’s Monkey Island, Koujima, and get your fill. Koujima actually means “happy island,” but this little isle is known for its cultured macaque monkeys. Even David Attenborough made his way here once, and had a grand old time narrating the … Continue reading Sights & Attractions


Groceries Minesaki 24H ミネサキ24H One of the only 24-hour grocery stores in all of Miyazaki Prefecture. They boast the largest and freshest produce selection of the main grocery stores in Kushima, at reasonable prices. Location: ミネサキ串間店 (map) 2 Chome-15-10 Nishihama, Kushima-shi, Miyazaki-ken 888-0012 TEL: 0987-71-1866 Four Seasons Horiguchi 四季彩館ほりぐち  A local grocery chain, with two shops in Kushima. … Continue reading Shopping

Food & Drinks

Restaurants Sushi Tora 寿司虎 A regional branch of conveyor belt sushi restaurants (回転寿司), opened its first restaurant in Kushima! Sushi Tora has a reputation for exceptional sushi, and is decently priced. Location: 寿司虎寺里本店 (map) 〒888-0011 Miyazaki-ken, Kushima-shi, Terazato, 2 Chome−8, 寺里2-8-6 Website: http://www.tora-corp.com/ TEL: 0987-72-1427 Maruchon Ramen マルチョン Kushima’s best ramen shop. It is very reasonably priced and, of course, delicious. … Continue reading Food & Drinks


TAXI SERVICES Kushima TEL: 0987-72-0034 Miyako TEL: 0987-72-0112 BUS SERVICES Kushima Community Yoka Bus Routes and Timetables: www.city.kushima.lg.jp/ Other Kato Animal Clinic For those who choose to keep pets, Kato Animal Clinic is where you’ll go to take care of vaccinations and any other problems. The staff don’t speak English, but if they know you’re coming, … Continue reading Services