Food & Drinks


Sushi Tora 寿司虎
A regional branch of conveyor belt sushi restaurants (回転寿司), opened its first restaurant in Kushima! Sushi Tora has a reputation for exceptional sushi, and is decently priced.
Location: 寿司虎寺里本店 (map)
〒888-0011 Miyazaki-ken, Kushima-shi, Terazato, 2 Chome−8, 寺里2-8-6
TEL: 0987-72-1427

Maruchon Ramen マルチョン
Kushima’s best ramen shop. It is very reasonably priced and, of course, delicious.
Location: マルチョンラーメン (map)
〒888-0001 Miyazaki-ken, Kushima-shi, Nishikata, 宮崎県串間市大字西方6573−1
TEL: 0120-012-739

Maruichi Hormone マルイチ・ホルモン
A small yakiniku restaurant across from the main post office.
Location: マルイチ・ホルモン (map)

TEL: 0987-27-3929

Taverna Al Porto タヴェルナ アルポルト
This is the place to get your Italian food fix. This little restaurant has a great mix of Italian and Japanese style pastas as well as risotto specials and delicious appetizers.
Location: タヴェルナ アルポルト (map)
5396 Nishikata, Kushima-shi, Miyazaki-ken 888-0001
TEL: 0987-72-2077

Tantanmen たんたんめん
is one of those glorious tucked-away oddities: literally a shack, it is run by a single proprietor who enjoys non-Japanese music, and serves delicious spicy ramen. Because it’s a one-man show, the business hours might be a tad unpredictable, but its well worth the experience.

Cafes and Coffee Shops

Hinode Coffee Stand
A small coffee shop with a surfer vibe. They have very limited hours, so be sure to drop in if they’re open!
〒888-0011 Miyazaki-ken, Kushima-shi, Terazato, 1 Chome−3−6
TEL: 080-3977-6299

Bars and Izakayas

Pink Coconuts
After walking up a narrow stairwell and a hallway covered in cats, you’ll find yourself in the tropical paradise of Pink Coconuts, where  tropical flavors are tops and the bartenders will make you a drink based on their impression of you!