Miyakonojo (都城市)

Miyazaki Prefecture’s largest city is Miyakonojo. It is a flatland-bound sprawl, nestled in between the picturesque Kirishima mountain range. Miyakonojo is a green, fertile hub that makes good use of the flatter areas to farm gobou (‘burdock’, 牛蒡), various meats and bell peppers. Resident foreigners often refer to it as ‘the Jo’.

The categories below are made up of recommendations from JETs in Miyakonojo and elsewhere in Miyazaki. For an even more comprehensive guide to living in Miyakonojo, please check out Miyakonojo City’s Guide for Foreigners Living in Miyakonojo.

City Website: http://www.city.miyakonojo.miyazaki.jp/ (Japanese),  http://cms.city.miyakonojo.miyazaki.jp/ (English)
Tourism Website: http://cms.city.miyakonojo.miyazaki.jp/sightseeing/

Local Facebook Group: 都城外人と仲間 Miyakonojo Gaijin and Friends
Local Google Map: Miyakonojo Google Map

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Extracurricular Activities

Taiko (map) Tsuma Kirishima Ryujin Taiko group practice every Thursday night from 8 -10pm at Tsuma Kirishima Shrine in Takazaki. They have a long history of working alongside foreigners in the community to provide them with the opportunity to take part in this exciting traditional Japanese activity! Although none of the members speak English they are … Continue reading Extracurricular Activities


Like most places in Japan, Miyakonojo has its fair share of festivals all year round. MAJET add every single festival to our Google Calendar so be sure to check that out for more information. The Bonchi Matsuri is held on the first weekend of August. In addition to various community groups, the city drafts two foreigners … Continue reading Festivals


Sekino-o Falls (関之尾滝) (map) Located 30 minutes drive from Miyakonojo, these waterfalls are one of ‘Jo’s most treasured sightseeing spots and also a pleasant park to spend an afternoon in. Voted as one of the best 100 waterfalls in Japan, Sekino-o Falls is comprised of three falls, with the large falls reaching a width of approximately 40 … Continue reading Outdoors

Food & Drinks

Food-wise, Miyakonojo has many restaurants and quaint culinary gems hidden away and ready to be unearthed by the intrepid. Taste of Jamaica (website/menu) One of Miyakonojo’s own foreign residents, Nathaniel Salmon, opened up a delivery services for the most amazing Jamaican food. Having worked as a villa chef and cooked for many high profile customers, … Continue reading Food & Drinks


Malls Miyakonojo has two malls: Aeon and Jusco. Some stores will have cheap clothing that will fit. Try before you buy though, just to be safe! Groceries Daiei You can find a small selection of foreign foods here. Hearty Most of the Hearty stores around Miyakonojo have a small foreign foods section where you can find familiar … Continue reading Shopping

Health & Fitness

Yanagita Clinic 柳田クリニック English speaking hospital Location: Higashi-Machi 11-30- 2 (map) TEL: 0986-22-4862 Miyanaga Byoin 宮永病院 English speaking hospital Location: Matsumoto-Cho 15-10 (map) TEL: 0986-22-2015 Shigeshiro Shika Clinic English speaking dentist Location: 9-21 Higashi-Machi (map) TEL: 0986-24-7833 Medical City Tobu Hospital Internal Medicines, General Surgery, Gastroenterological Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Rehabilitation Department, Radiology Department, Anesthesiology Department, Emergency Department Hours: 08:30~17:00 Monday to Friday, 8:30-12:00 Saturday … Continue reading Health & Fitness


Taxis Chuuou Taxi TEL: 0120-098-601 Miyakou Taxi TEL: 0120-493-850 Sentou Taxi TEL: 0120-051-530 Okutsu Taxi TEL: 0986-23-8800 Daiko Daiko is Japan’s solution to the strict drink driving law. If you call for a daiko, one car with two drivers will arrive. You will ride in the daiko services car while the second driver will follow … Continue reading Services

Sights & Attractions

Sekino-0 Falls (関之尾滝) Sekino-o Falls is one of Miyakonojo’s most treasured sightseeing spots. Voted as one of the best 100 waterfalls in Japan, Sekino-o Falls is comprised of three falls, with the large falls reaching a width of approximately 40 meters and a height of 18 meters. The large falls has formed around a rock formation known … Continue reading Sights & Attractions