Sights & Attractions

Sekino-0 Falls (関之尾滝)
Sekino-o Falls is one of Miyakonojo’s most treasured sightseeing spots. Voted as one of the best 100 waterfalls in Japan, Sekino-o Falls is comprised of three falls, with the large falls reaching a width of approximately 40 meters and a height of 18 meters.

The large falls has formed around a rock formation known as a Welded Tuff. This type of rock is a pyroclastic rock formed after an eruption at Mount Kirishima over 340,000 years ago. This unique rock formation is also responsible for the creation of the fascinating pothole collection further upstream of the water fall. These potholes are among the largest in the world and as a result were declared a national natural monument in 1928. The collection of potholes extends 600 meters upstream from the falls, with a maximum width of 80 meters and potholes ranging in size from one to three meters across.

Shimazu Residence
The building is one of the nation’s registered cultural properties. Visiting here,you can learn about Miyakonojo’s history and take a look around a traditional Japanese house. There are also sometimes events and installations here to visit.

Miyakonojo Art Gallery
Located near to the Miyakonojo City Hall, the Art Gallery has a variety of different exhibitions and installations throughout the year.