Emergency Procedures

Japan is a land that sees a number of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, torrential typhoons, and even landslides every year. In fact, 20% of the world’s earthquakes take place in Japan. Most are minor, but occasionally Japan is rocked by more intense quakes, with the effects ranging from dishes rattling and dressers falling to buckling streets and collapsed buildings. You needn’t worry about natural disasters on the day-to-day, but you should be prepared should one occur near you.

For new residents in Japan, dealing with emergency situations caused by natural disasters can be a daunting and worrisome task, but it doesn’t have to be.  The best way to handle any emergency is to be prepared before it actually strikes.  The following are useful tips, websites, and apps to help you before, during, and after an emergency situation.

Take note that cellphone services in Japan are often reserved for rescue efforts after natural disasters, which means that you’ll likely be unable to access Google, this website or even the evacuation map on this page during an emergency, so stay safe by planning ahead.

Guide to Road Conditions

Find out which roads are closed due to landslides, or when you need to use tire chains in the mountains.