MAJET Membership

MAJET Members support our goals by providing us with a means to make things happen!

Why Should I Become a MAJET Member?

Anyone can be a member of the MAJET community and benefit from our support and resources. However, MAJET Members receive a few additional perks.


  • MAJET Members receive a discounted price at most MAJET events.
    • Typically, MAJET members will receive a 500 yen discount on all events. This discount may be less at events with a lower cost.
  • MAJET Members receive priority registration for all events.
    • Some of our events have a limited number of spaces for participants. In this case, MAJET Members will be given priority over non-members. An exception to this rule is The Amazing Race, which encourages community participation.
  • MAJET Members may rent camping and barbecue equipment from MAJET for personal use.
    • MAJET has a number of tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, and grills which we provide for free at official MAJET events. However, MAJET Members can rent the equipment for personal use for a nominal fee.
    • To rent camping and/or barbecue supplies from MAJET, simply fill out this form and email it to at least one week in advance.

Become a member!

MAJET Membership costs an annual fee of 1000円! If you have not already become a MAJET member, simply sign up at our next event. 😉

Where does my membership fee go?

Membership fees are applied to a variety of costs for MAJET, including but not limited to venue costs, maintaining the website, and purchasing event supplies and materials– such as charcoal, games, and equipment. You can find out more about how membership fees are used by visiting the “What We’re Up To” page. Your support means a lot to us!