Ebino (えびの市)

The most western city in Miyazaki Prefecture, Ebino is a jewel in the prefecture’s crown. Nestled between the Southern Kyushu Mountains and one of Japan’s first National Parks (Kirishima National Park, 霧島国立公園), Ebino plays host to many sights of natural beauty and some of the best rice in the prefecture. Ebino’s succulent rice is said to be thanks to the blessings of it’s patron deity, Tanokansa, whose likeness is depicted in over 140 statues around the area (treasure hunt, anyone?). Most famous for it’s rich hot spring culture, Ebino is ideally located between both Kagoshima (鹿児島) and Kumamoto (熊本) Prefectures. This onsen town can be a pleasant stop on a longer trip, or a base location which you will find is more than adequately equipped to suit your needs.

City Website: http://www.city.ebino.lg.jp/english/

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Okashi ha Shimboudou お菓子は心棒堂 A great place to go if you’re looking for Japanese sweets for any occasion! They specialize in cheese manjus, nama chocolate, and daifuku. Location: お菓子は心棒堂 (map) 3216-14 Harada, Ebino, Miyazaki Prefecture 889-4301 TEL: 0984-33-0965 Okashi no Kougiku お菓子の香菊 Another great sweets shop, specializing in cheese manjus, cakes, and snacks. Location: お菓子の香菊 (map) 〒889-4301 Miyazaki-ken, Ebino-shi, … Continue reading Shopping

Health & Fitness

Medical Facilities Ebino City Hospital えびの市立病院 In Iino, turn right at the Iino JA-SS on 221 and it’s on the left about 600m up the road. Location: えびの市立病院 (map) 〒889-4301 宮崎県えびの市原田3223 Website: http://www.city.ebino.lg.jp/ TEL: 0984-33-1023 Onsen Kyoumachi Kankou 京町観光ホテル A family-owned and operated onsen (hot spring) hotel, Kyoumachi Kankou is cheap and well maintained. ¥300 buys unlimited relaxation in a … Continue reading Health & Fitness


Autumn Festival (mid-October) Ebino’s Autumn Festival is geared towards boosting tourism. A variety of local foods and products are available, and a flea market is held.


Ebino Kougen えびの高原 This area is full of great hiking trails of all levels of difficulty! Location: えびの高原 (map) 〒889-4302 宮崎県えびの市末永1495-5 Website: http://www.bes.or.jp/ebino/ TEL: 0984-33-3002 Trekking Information: (Japanese Only) http://www.trekking-ebinokogen.com/index.html (English) http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e4627.html Ebino Ice Skating Rink えびの高原スケートリンク Ebino Kougen is one of few places in Miyazaki cold enough to get snow in the winter. Open in the winter months, the Ebino … Continue reading Outdoors

Food & Drink

Hibiki 響 Based in Ebino’s Iino, Hibiki is a tonkatsu (pork cutlet) restaurant with reasonably priced but delicious food. Some of the best miso soup ever tasted alongside generous portions. A firm recommendation is the Roast Pork Cutlet Set (ロースカツ定食, roosu katsu teishoku) which will leave you full and happy. Parking can be limited and it can often … Continue reading Food & Drink


Kyoumachi Kankou (京町観光ホテル) A family-owned and operated onsen (hot spring) hotel, Kyoumachi Kankou is cheap and well maintained. ¥300 buys unlimited relaxation in a variety of pools. The indoor pools vary in temperature from hot to very hot and the 露天風呂 (outdoor pool) are pagoda covered and exceptionally relaxing. On a winter night, this is not to … Continue reading Lodging

Sights & Attractions

Shiratori Shrine 白鳥神社 The oldest shrine in Ebino. Nestled in the foothills of Ebino Plateau, what this shrine lacks in size it makes up for in natural beauty and history. Wood from the surrounding forest is transported across Japan and used in the construction of other shrines, most notably the 東大寺 in Nara, housing the Great … Continue reading Sights & Attractions