Kyoumachi Kankou (京町観光ホテル)
A family-owned and operated onsen (hot spring) hotel, Kyoumachi Kankou is cheap and well maintained. ¥300 buys unlimited relaxation in a variety of pools. The indoor pools vary in temperature from hot to very hot and the 露天風呂 (outdoor pool) are pagoda covered and exceptionally relaxing. On a winter night, this is not to be missed. Located in Ebino’s Kyoumachi area, there are endless eating opportunities and good travel links which make Kyoumachi Kankou Hotel not only a place to relax but an ideal base for travelling. Staff are extremely welcoming and some speak English.
Location: 京町観光ホテル (map)
〒889-4151 宮崎県えびの市大字向江669

TEL: 0984-37-1231


Belton Auto Camp 矢岳高原ベルトンオートキャンプ場
A great home base if you’re spending some time at Yatake Kougen. This campsite offers teepee tents for camping in the summer months.
Location: 矢岳高原ベルトンオートキャンプ場 (map)
〒889-4165 宮崎県えびの市西川北1377-2
TEL: 0984-37-1033