Kadogawa (門川町)

Just north of Hyuga City is the fishing town of Kadogawa. Nestled between sheer, natural green outcroppings and the Hyuga-nada Sea, and outfitted with an expansive man-made concrete port, Kadogawa is full of sights and experiences big enough for a city!

Climb up to Tomiyama Lookout and, on a clear day see the neighbor cities of Hyuga and Nobeoka spread out below you, or do it at nighttime and experience a sea of lights stretching out into the darkness. Enjoy a cool dip in the Isuzu River, or indulge in a hike-and-bike combo by its banks. And if you’re more inclined towards a luxurious treat, visit Kokoro no Mori (心の杜温泉) onsen. 円500 gets you a grand old soak in the indoor and outdoor pools and access to the steam rooms and jet baths. The facility also has a restaurant, gym, massage service, outdoor park and a small farmer’s market!

Speaking of restaurants and good food, you can satisfy your taste for succulent meat at the Fujikatsu Restaurant, which has the best tonkatsu (豚カツ) ‘pork cutlets’ in Japan! The teishoku (定食) set gives you all-you-can-eat rice, tea, soup and salad, and a fresh beer doesn’t go amiss either! If a Western palate is more to your preference, visit Grillade and get your fill of tasty steaks, fillets and T-bone delights, complete with lunch sets!

Not to be outdone by larger towns and cities, Kadogawa also sports an array of festivals. The Danjiri Matsuri in November sees drunken men carry around gorgeous but heavy shrines, weaving through the town and chanting in prayer for a bountiful harvest from the ocean. There’s also the Nakayama Jinja Hadaka Mairi (中山神社はだか参り), Kadogawa’s very own ‘Naked Man Festival’: there’s no beach to go for a bracing dip at, but you still don you fundoshi (ふんどし) , run up the shrine steps and dunk yourself in icy water from a bucket (and you can probably get your beer on for some liquid courage)! To round off the range, join the August Fireworks (花火) festival: meander down the port side streets, get your fill of tasty food-stall treats, have some beer and watch the night explode with booming sky flowers!

Did we mention the beer?

Kadogawa City Website: http://www.town.kadogawa.lg.jp/


Kadogawa Fireworks Festival (Late August) A wonderful little festival in Kadogawa that has performances, festival booths, and fireworks! These are especially beautiful because they are launched over the port and the water reflects them. This is held every alternating year in Yorigawa or the Port area.