Second MAJET Sports Day!

Why should the kids have all the fun? Gather your friends and join us at Oyodo River Park across from Miyazaki City Hall on October 14th to put your speed, strength, and skill to the test!  After the rousing success of last year’s Undoukai, MAJET is excited to host another one! In 2016, Team Instinct (pictured below) took home the very first MAJET Undoukai Cup.  Will your team rise to the occasion and top Instinct’s final score?!

dsc_0428.jpgThis year’s festival will be held in the same location, with the addition of awnings to provide glorious shade! But knowing sunny Hinata Miyazaki, you’ll still want to bring along some sunscreen and plenty of water. The events will consist of a few fan favourites from the 1st MAJET Undoukai, traditional Japanese sports festival activities, and some new exciting additions. Keep in mind that this is a Sports Day. While we will do our best to mix up high and low-activity level events, there definitely will be a fair amount of physical activity involved. By far the best part of a MAJET Undoukai is that there is no pre-event practice and no ominous marching. Yay!


When: Saturday, October 14thhyuna_jump
Time: Registration: 12:30pm
            Opening Ceremony: 1:00pm
Where: Oyodo River Park, Miyazaki (map)
Cost: 500円 members
          700円 non-members
*Participant fees will go towards supplies, food, and drinks for this event as well as future MAJET events.  

時間:12:30 受付
            13:00 開会式
場所:大淀川公園 (地図)
費用:500円 (MAJET メンバー)
           700円 (非会員 ノンメンバー)

Participants will be randomly placed into one of four teams. Each team will compete against the others in various events throughout the day, earning points depending on their results. The team with the most points will bring home the first place trophy (and a year’s worth of bragging rights).

Drinks and coolers will be provided by MAJET.


The Undoukai will take place along the Oyodo River near Miyazaki City Hall. There are multiple car parks in the area and the closest train station is Miyazaki Station, which is roughly 1.5km away. We will be meeting at 12:30pm for registration, then the events will start promptly after the 1:00pm opening ceremony. Your teammates need you, so please don’t be late!


You must register for this event using the below Google Form. The deadline for signing up is Wednesday, 11th October. As always, MAJET welcome anyone who’d like to attend our events, but please make sure your friends send in their own RSVP form before the deadline.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at this year’s Undoukai!

Buzzin! Miyazaki’s Coffee Shops


Hemingway once wrote, “Coffee is good for you, it’s the caffeine in it”. As a self-professed caffeine addict, I’m inclined to agree. I am the sort of individual who, in the morning, can not even begin to contort myself into any kind of personable or even functioning human being without a hit of caffeine. After living in Miyazaki for over a year, only recently have I started to discover, to my surprise, that there’s a little bit of an artisan coffee scene brewing (apologies for the pun… it’s the only one, promise) in this small semi-rural city. So, if you’re looking for something a little more authentic, and a little less ‘blended-frappuccino-whipped-cream-topped-mocha-latte’ you’ve come to the right blog post.

This Saturday (September 30th), Miyazaki city will hold its first ever coffee festival – aptly named Miyazaki Coffee Festival – in Florante Miyazaki. This event is a crowdfunded venture organised by the same people who created the Miyazaki Coffee Map which details some of Miyazaki’s best independent coffee shops.



1. Renshiro Coffee

Let’s start with Renshiro Coffee (恋史郎コーヒー ) Located just off Wakakusa Street, this small but bright cafe is known for its broad selection of specialty beans. Renshiro serves cold brew and drip coffee, two styles that are ubiquitous with Japanese coffee culture. However, they also have a range of milk and espresso drinks, ranked on their menu from ‘coffee’ to ‘milky’, their macchiato alone is worth a visit. Early birds can get 100 yen off their brew before midday, or 100 yen off your second cup ordered after noon. Renshiro often hosts a wide range of workshops from mastering the art of drip coffee to refining your ukulele skills, check out their Facebook page for more information.


とにかく嬉しい! ・ 本当に美味しいコーヒーを飲んで欲しい。よりいいものを、、よりいいものを、、 ・ プロとして尊敬してるみよさんの嬉しすぎる投稿。ありがたいです。 ・ さらに高いレベルを目指して挑戦中のクラウドファンディング。プロフィールページのURLからぜひ覗いてみて下さい! ・ #Repost @a3q4u5a with @repostapp ・・・ 朝日を浴びると気持ちがいいのと同じ。 朝飲むコーヒーが美味しいってだけで1日が気持ちいい。 ・ ・ クラウドファウンディング、支援しました。 こーゆーの疎いけど、 恋史郎コーヒーの1杯のコーヒーが私に幸せと力をくれるから。 ただそれだけの理由です。 ・ ・ Drinking good coffee is as comfortable as basking in the morning sun. They try the crowdfunding. I assisted them. Because Their coffee gives me happiness and power. 👉@renshiro_coffee ・ ・ #ありがとう #coffee #cafe #恋史郎コーヒー #クラウドファウンディング #美味しいコーヒー #朝日 #happy

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 2. Actors Square Coffee

Some of you may already know Actors Square Coffee, a popular local haunt for city ALTs and locals alike. Actors Square Coffee is one of those cafes where you can slip discreetly into a dimly lit corner to work away on your laptop or grab a long table and some cocktails with a group of friends. ASC has an extensive range of coffees, tea, and alcoholic beverages that include a range of import beers. Acclaimed for their latte art, they have recently hosted The Miyazaki Latte Art Competition. Like Renshiro Coffee, Actors Square hosts a variety of events including a weekly English chat group and their First Friday events, which feature live music from local performers. Check out their Facebook page for upcoming events.



3. 6zi Coffee Shop

Next up is 6zi Coffee Shop, located on Tachibana street. This small, intimate establishment specialises in drip coffee. The chalkboard menu behind the wooden counter lists three main options – ‘Blend’, ‘Columbia’, ‘Guatemala’. At 6zi, simplicity is key and they have drip coffee down to an art form. They also serve cocktails, beer, and some pretty refreshing juices and sodas like their homemade lemon squash. Pull up a chair at the bar, have a chat with the owner and experience drip coffee done right.


最近有難いことに プリンが大人気です。 品切れ、仕込みが間に合っていない時があります。 申し訳ございません。 数に限りがあります。 お気軽にお問い合わせください。 写真はミヤザキコーヒーマップさんから #Repost @miyazakicoffeemap (@get_repost) ・・・ コーヒーと一緒にプリンはいかが? . 6zi -Coffee Shop-(@6zi_miyazaki )の 手作り濃厚プリンは絶品! コーヒーと一緒にゆるりと休憩してみては? . photo by @lazy_wayfarer . #miyazakicoffeemap #6zi #cafe #handdrip #coffee #coffeetime #coffeeshop #coffeelover #coffeeculture #coffeebreak #coffeeshop #coffeebeans #dripcoffee #thirdplace #specialtycoffee #miyazaki #宮崎 #ミヤザキ #スペシャルティコーヒー #カフェ #コーヒー #コーヒー女子 #橘通り

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4. Kimama Books

Away from Miyazaki’s main shopping streets there are plenty of hidden gems tucked away, such as Kimama Books. Combining the three pillars of life itself; coffee, art and books, Kimama is a second hand book store/cafe that also holds workshops and exhibitions and offers workshop space to the creatives of Miyazaki. Here you will find some pretty unique novels and magazines, with a modest array of English publications too. Peruse the collection of printed works while sipping on a cup of freshly brewed jo. It’s also conveniently located just around the corner from Miyazaki’s Prefectural Office.



5. Flat Chill Coffee Stand

From the rusting tin sign for Ford motor parts and the vintage leather jacket that adorn the walls to the magazine stand packed with biker magazines, Flat Chill Coffee Stand is definitely owned by a through and through motorhead. You can see the owner’s personality in the smatterings of realia dotted around, which is something that defines these kinds of cafes from your average chain store. Despite my description, this isn’t an over the top homage to Easy Rider or Americana, rather FCCS has a relaxed beach retro vibe. I almost forgot to mention, they also sell coffee. FCCS has a range of blends to choose from for their drip coffees and they also serve an array of milk coffees, toasted sandwiches, and baked goods. They even have an ice cream menu including affogato. This place definitely lives up to its name as it’s the perfect place to flat out chill.


明日木曜は定休になります。 よろしくお願いいたします😌 #flatchill

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6. The Rosa Coffee

Last but by no means least is The Rosa Coffee. Blink and you might miss it, this cafe has no name written above it’s door, and as we all know, places with no signage are the places to be. Bright with a pared back interior, Rosa reflects the minimalist style of Copenhagen’s coffee shops. They offer some unique beverages too, including a brown sugar latte and an ‘Atu Hiya’, an intriguingly named layered ice coffee. What I like about The Rosa Coffee is that they have an infographic on their menu that breaks down what’s in each coffee, so fear not if you don’t know an espresso from a doppio, this place makes it easy. Most impressively, Rosa Coffee takes a keen interest in the farmers behind their finished product, and provide a bio for each farm on their website. This ethically minded cafe is a must visit for anyone looking for high quality, sustainably sourced coffee.



So, after all that I hope you’re as buzzin (last pun, I lied) as I am to check out Miyazaki’s amazing coffee shops. The cafes above are all featured on the Miyazaki Coffee Map and will be making an appearance at this weekend’s Miyazaki Coffee Festival. So get out there and explore! Better latte than never! (ok, that was the last one, really).


Hello. Is it meat you’re looking for?

Get your tare sauce ready, Miyakonojo’s annual Yakiniku Festival is coming up on the 7th of October! The festival showcases Miyazaki beef and celebrates Miyakonojo as “the best place for meat in Japan” (which it definitely is). But instead of just telling you about it, we’ll let some Miyakonojo and southern Miyazaki locals do the talking. We’re sure you won’t want to miss the biggest fireworks and meat festival in Kyushu after you hear our seven guests’ favourite things about the event…

Yakiniku Poster When: October 7th, 11:00am – 8:00pm
Where: Kannon-ike Park, Freedom Plaza, Takajo, Miyakonojo. (map)
Cost: Reserved table and meat package tickets cost ¥2,000.
But if you don’t mind waiting for a table to open up, the event and grill use is free, and you can buy meat packages at various stalls on the premises.
Transport: There will be shuttle buses running between Miyakonojo Station and the festival grounds. A schedule can be found here, but only in Japanese. Contact MAJET at for translation services.

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Last-Minute Speech Contest Prep!

For all those high school ALTs out there, the Miyazaki Prefectural High School English Speech Contest is only one week away! Soon, the extra after-school hours and lunchtime practice sessions will be over, but until then, we’re sure everyone is working hard to make sure their students can give their best performances next Wednesday.

Veteran ALTs have probably got their tricks and strategies down, but for those just starting out, they may not be sure what to focus on. So, we’ve put together some advice and strategies to use to help you really boost your students’ performance. At this point in time, nothing can be done about the manuscripts themselves, so we can only focus on three things: pronunciation, time, and delivery. Continue reading

2017 MAJET-KAJET Dragon Boat Races!

Every October, hundreds of people travel to Kagoshima’s Nejime Port for the Minami Osumi Nejime Dragon Boat Festival! Teams of 10 people board colorful, dragon-shaped boats and race down a 380m river course to claim the prize.

This year, MAJET will be collaborating with Kagoshima AJET (KAJET) to bring Dragon Boat Racing to you! This is a great opportunity to meet our neighbor JETs and build new connections and friendships, while also enjoying and participating in a unique cultural experience. It’s been a couple of years since MAJET has participated in this event, but we’ve always had a really great time, and we are really looking forward to joining KAJET this year!

While this event isn’t until October, we have to register by the end of August (yikes!), so if you are interested in participating, please review the information below and RSVP as soon as possible! Continue reading

The Battle for Cleanliness: A Fight You Don’t Have to Face Alone

So you’ve survived your journey to the Far East, somehow stumbled through three days of Tokyo Orientation, and, after what feels like a lifetime, you’ve finally arrived in the place that will be your new home for (at least) the next year.

You were picturing it all–either your predecessor gave you a virtual tour and sent you pictures, or you were just imagining the quintessential Japanese apartment: tatami rooms with that fresh straw smell, the small but quaint rooms, and of course a fancy Toto Toilet that would not only spray your bottom, but would revolutionize the very way you experienced the bathroom. Yes, life in Japan would be beautiful, organized and neat, just like the train stations in Tokyo and Osaka. Continue reading

Meet Me in Miyazaki!

One of Miyazaki’s biggest and most exciting festivals, the Cape Toi Fire Festival, will be held on the 25th-26th of August this year. For those who don’t know, the Fire Festival features locals slinging lit torches towards the top of a 100-foot pole in order to light it: a sight not to be missed!

So that our new arrivals don’t miss out on this amazing festival, MAJET is planning a nearby welcome barbecue before the festival, so it’s a truly unforgettable weekend! Senpais, reach out to our newest additions by offering them a lift and let’s give them a proper welcome to beautiful, sunny Miyazaki!!
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