Now Recruiting for MAJET 2018!

The time has come! MAJET needs some goal-driven volunteers to help organize exciting events, get ALTs involved in the local community, and keep our website relevant. It’s your turn to make a difference in the lives of Miyazaki JETs and other members of our community.

The recruiting period will run from today, May 21st until Sunday, May 27th. After that, we’ll contact all volunteers/nominees to get the ball rolling!


So, what is MAJET, anyway?

Just in case you skipped Cassie’s long-winded post describing what she thinks MAJET is, here’s a quick run-down!

MAJET is a volunteer group of Miyazaki JETs. Our goal is to serve as a positive social gathering force to support JETs, other expats, and Japanese residents of Miyazaki to build a close community within our prefecture. We do this by organizing events as well as by creating Facebook and website content about events, Japanese culture, and tourism in Miyazaki. MAJET also participates in a variety of volunteer and other inter-cultural events within Miyazaki Prefecture.

What does a Committee member need to do?

Well, each year the MAJET Committee is slightly different, as roles are formed around the interests and goals of each member. Generally speaking, planning fun events, coordinating meetings, accounting, website development and blogging, emails and Facebook posts, and translation are the primary responsibilities of the Committee.  You can read more specific details about the different types of responsibilities here.

Please keep in mind, the document above is just a general outline of specific duties; who does what is entirely up to the individual members. For example, this year Cassie assumed the duties of President and Community Outreach, and shared duties with other members for Public Relations, Events, and Tech/Communications (note: Cassie is possibly insane).

Moreover, what the new Committee’s primary goals for the year are is entirely up to you. Do you want to focus on creating new events? More volunteer opportunities? Improving our online resources? That is for you as a group to decide.

How long does a committee member need to serve?

The length of term for a Committee member is one year, from May (or this year, probably more like June) to around the same time the following year, when the next Committee is ready to take over. Over the course of the year, the Committee meets to discuss ideas, make plans, and work together to achieve their goals.

How much of my time will it take?

Honestly, the time you spend on MAJET is up to you. If you want to be more involved, take a lead position/more responsibilities. If you want to help out on the periphery, take a support role. Maybe you just want to contribute blog posts or site content once in a while? That’s okay! MAJET is a volunteer group, so anything you can offer is above and beyond.

The one thing we will caution, however, is to just be clear about how involved you want to be and how much time you have from the get-go, and to keep your fellow Committee members in the loop should your situation change. Almost anything can be taken care of with a bit of good communication. 😉

So, Are you ready to Volunteer?

Volunteering for MAJET is a great opportunity to get to know the community, learn some new skills, and form bonds with other members of your team. Are you looking for a chance to try something new? To be a part of something bigger? Do you have any new ideas for ways to help improve the lives of your fellow Miyazakians?

If you are interested in volunteering for the 2018-2019 MAJET Committee, simply fill out the form below! Or, if you have a friend who you think would be a good fit, give them a nomination. From planning events to contributing to the website, there’s a job for anyone and everyone who wants to take part!

What kind of MAJET will you create?

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