Water Sports

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Being warm for much more of the year than it is cold, Miyazaki is a great place to enjoy water sports—whether it’s your first time or you’re a pro!

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Gokase Nature School NPO法人五ヶ瀬自然学校
Gokase Nature School is an NPO that runs a variety of programs designed to bring you closer to nature. These programs include outdoor recreational activities such as river kayaking, work experiences such as woodworking and farming, volunteer experiences, and many more! For some experiences, a small discount may be offered if you are also staying at Gokase no Sato Camp Village.
Location: NPO法人五ヶ瀬自然学校 (map)
Website: http://www.gokase.org/
TEL: 0982-73-6366

Nango Ocean Network
River kayaking is great fun, but have you ever been sea kayaking? Challenge yourself with this unique experience! Based at Sakaematsu Beach in Nichinan, you’ll also have easy access to snorkeling and camping.
Location: 〒889-3204 宮崎県日南市南郷町中村乙4825 番地丿イ (map)
Website: https://nango-on.jp/
TEL: 0987-64-0002


River Sports

Ishitoge Lakeland  石峠レイクランド
In addition to a campground, pool, onsen, and hiking, Lakeland also offers water-skiing, wakeboarding, wake surfing, and boat cruising!
Location: 5812-1 Saigōku Tashiro, Misato, Higashiusuki District, Miyazaki Prefecture 883-1101 (map)
Website: http://www.i-lakeland.jp/
TEL: 0982-68-2222


Scuba Diving

Matau Marine Service
Matau offers both scuba diving experience courses and a variety of licensing courses. In addition, you can also enjoy coastal boat cruises and fishing excursions.
Location: 〒889-3213宮崎県日南市南郷町潟上134-54水中観光船マリンビューワーなんごう2F (map)
Website: https://matau.jimdo.com/
TEL: 090-6421-4410



Akae Beach 赤江浜
Located just north of Miyazaki Airport, Akae Beach is a surf spot popular with the locals and more experienced surfers.
Location:  〒880-0911 宮崎県宮崎市田吉 〒880-0911 (map)

Aoshima Beach 青島
Probably one of the best beaches for beginners, the town of Aoshima has many surf shops available as well. If you’re committed to learning, Surf City offers weekend and full-time memberships which include unlimited board and wetsuit rentals as well as free yoga classes. You’ll have to sign up for the lessons themselves separately, but they are included in the membership fee.
Location:  2 丁目-233 Aoshima, Miyazaki-shi, Miyazaki-ken 889-2162 (map)
Website: http://www.miyazaki-city.tourism.or.jp/
TEL: 0985-65-1055

Kisakihama 木崎浜
Less crowded than Aoshima, Kisakihama is another popular surf spot close to Miyazaki City, and a great place to go if you’ve got your own equipment.
Location:  2206-1 Kumano, Miyazaki-shi, Miyazaki-ken 889-2151 (map)
Website: http://www.kanko-miyazaki.jp/
TEL: 0985-65-1055

Koiagura Beach 恋ヶ浦 サーフポイント
Koiagura, located on the coast between Kojima and Cape Toi, is very popular with surfers and is one of the best surfing points in Miyazaki Prefecture.
Location:  恋ヶ浦 サーフポイント (map)
〒888-0221, Ono, Kushima, Miyazaki Prefecture 888-0221
Website: http://kushima-city.jp/

Okuragahama 小倉ヶ浜
A popular surf spot on the Hyuga coast with many surf shops offering equipment rental and lessons within walking distance. Sunrise Surf Shop in particular offers a 7000円 package which includes equipment rental and one lesson. The currents can be a bit strong here, but it’s a good place for first-timers.
Location:  〒883-0021 Miyazaki-ken, Hyūga-shi, Hiraiwa, 日向市財光寺 (map)
TEL: 0982-52-2111