There are some places in Miyazaki and Kyushu (all over Japan, really) that are very difficult or even impossible to get to via public transportation. So, you may find yourself wanting or needing to drive at some point.


Kyushu’s tollway system is far more extensive than their train system, though the tolls are expensive and add up quickly. However, from previous MAJETers’ experience, once two people get in a car and share the costs, it’s often cheaper to drive across Kyushu and back than any other mode of transportation. If you’re thinking about driving for your next trip, try out this handy toll roads cost calculator.

Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) card

The ETC is a convenient way to pay tolls without having to stop at the toll gate or have cash at the ready. To set up ETC, first you must apply for an ETC credit card. Once you have it, you can have an electronic reader device installed in your car. To use the device, you simply put the card in the reader and drive. One advantage of the ETC (vs. some toll paying systems in the U.S.) is that the ETC card can be used in any car that has a reader; it is not limited to the owner’s car.

To learn more about ETC and how to obtain one, you can check out the ETC Portal site (in English).

Renting a Car

If you are only visiting Miyazaki, will only need a car for special occasions, or need a bigger vehicle while family or friends visit, renting a car is also an option. There are a variety of car rental companies throughout Miyazaki. Companies near the airport will often provide a free shuttle service for travelers, though several companies are within walking distance of the airport.