Mobsters, Murder, and All That Jazz: MAJET’s 2nd Murder Mystery Night!

All’s quiet in Miyazaki in March. Spring has begun and the promise of impending cherry blossoms can warm some of the coldest of hearts. But not all hearts… The retreating Winter chill can’t be kept at bay when there’s murder in the air!


2016’s Cabin in the Woods: Murder Mystery

MAJET’s Murder Mystery event is back this year with a theme that’s piping hot! As you travel to Nichinan, travel back almost 100 years to the Roaring 20s, a time of mobsters, bootleggers, flappers, jazz singers, slick bar tenders, speakeasy saloon owners, and corrupt policemen. Prohibition has just been lifted which means there’s cause for celebration at the shifty saloon, Juice Joint. You’re all on the invitation list! The question is, who is on the hit list? Join us for the 2nd MAJET Murder Mystery Night to find out! 


What: Murder Mystery in the Roaring 20s
When: Saturday, March 3rd
Time: 7:30 PM
Where:  Michi no Eki Sakatani Campground (map)
            酒谷キャンプ場管理棟 日南市大字酒谷甲3360-2
Cost: 700円 for MAJET members, 900円 for non-MAJET members
Participants: 30 people MAX

日時: 3月3日 (土曜日)
時間: 19:30
場所: 道の駅酒谷 キャンプ場 (地図)
        酒谷キャンプ場管理棟 日南市大字酒谷甲3360-2
費用: 700円 (MAJETメンバー), 900円 (非会員.ノンメンバー)
定員: 30名

This year’s Murder Mystery Night will be held in the same location as last year, inside the Community Centre at Sakatani Michi no Eki.  Participants can definitely stay the night at the Community Centre, however you’ll need to bring your own bedding. There’s plenty of room to sleep. If you get cold, the centre stocks extra blankets that you can hire for 200円.

We’ll start the evening with a potluck dinner! MAJET will provide non-alcoholic drinks, paper plates. and utensils. A planning poll for the food will be sent to participants closer to the date.

Characters will be assigned prior to the event; please let us know your preference in the RSVP form. You do NOT have to memorize anything prior to the event, but feel free to dress up as your character if you desire! We will send out your character information after we close registration.

Please note: All character and role information will be presented in English!

Where do I sign?

To attend Murder Mystery in the 1920s, please fill out this google form before the 23rd of February. This event is limited to 30 participants only, no exceptions. This is to ensure that the quality of the murder mystery remains high. So please make sure you RSVP before the deadline to secure your spot. If you’d like to invite friends, make sure they submit a separate google form.  

Do you have what it takes to make it through a night of secrets, murder….

All that jazz

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