Ebino Kougen えびの高原
This area is full of great hiking trails of all levels of difficulty!
Location: えびの高原 (map)

Website: http://www.bes.or.jp/ebino/
TEL: 0984-33-3002
Trekking Information:
(Japanese Only) http://www.trekking-ebinokogen.com/index.html
(English) http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e4627.html

Ebino Ice Skating Rink えびの高原スケートリンク
Ebino Kougen is one of few places in Miyazaki cold enough to get snow in the winter. Open in the winter months, the Ebino Ice Skating Rink is a great place to escape the seasonless lowlands and enjoy a winter wonderland. Skate rentals are available, and there is a small food court inside the venue when you need a snack from all that skating!
Location: えびの高原スケートリンク (map)
〒889-4302 宮崎県えびの市末永1489
Website: www.ebinokogenso.com
TEL: 0984-33-5946

Kuruson Gorge Area 
A slight drive into the mountains to the north of Ebino will bring you to Kuruson Gorge. The valley was used as a sacred training ground for priests as early as 700 BC and the ruins of the second oldest Zen temple in Japan can be found here. It is said to be the birthplace of Kuruson (Sanskrit : Krakucchanda),one of the seven previous incarnations of Buddha. Today, beautiful spring greenery, fall colors, summer camping, and river swimming are available. For the fishing enthusiasts, this place must not be missed, though fishing permits are required. Yearly permits cost 3,000 yen and daily permits are 500 yen. They can be obtained at Sōma Shōten (map).
Location: Kuruson Gorge (map)

Bishamon Waterfall 毘沙門の滝
Bishamon is one of Buddhism’s Seven Gods of Good Fortune and is said to have stayed in a nearby temple for a period in the late 1600s. The waters fall approximately 20 meters in total and are complemented by one kilometer of secluded walking trails maintained by community volunteers. The road to Bishamon is an adventure in itself, research and mapping beforehand are recommended as signage is minimal and not always accurate.
Location: 毘沙門の滝 (map)
〒889-4314 宮崎県えびの市大河平
Website: http://www.city.ebino.lg.jp/
TEL: 0984-35-1111

Yatake Plateau 矢岳高原
Yatake offers one of the most spectacular views of Ebino. Located north of Kyoumachi area, a 20 minute drive on a winding mountain road will offer you great views, hiking trails, a campsite, and hang gliding for the more adventurous among us. Yatake Kougen is a popular spot for 初日の出 (Hatsuhinode – the first sunrise of the year). Belton Campsite offers teepee tents for camping in the summer months. Also, keep your eyes peeled for a giant Tanokansa (Ebino’s patron god) if you’re attempting to collect them all. Yatake is also where you can get your kicks with a bit of paragliding! The paragliding spot is on route 268; just follow the signposts for “hangliding” and “motor gliding.”
Location: 矢岳高原県立公園 (map)
〒889-4165 宮崎県えびの市西川北 宮崎県えびの市
TEL: 0984-35-1111

Ebino Horse Park えびのホースパーク
This horse park is operated by the Tanbo Cafe in Tanokansa. You can ride the horses for 500円. You can also pet deer, dogs, and cats. There is a children’s play area and a therapy dog park as well.
Location: えびのホースパーク (map)
1462 Shiumachi, Ebino-shi, Miyazaki-ken
Website: http://tanokansa.jimdo.com/
TEL: 090-3383-3751

Tanokansa Trail 田の神さあ
Tanokansa is the the god of Ebino’s harvest, said to come down from the mountains every year to visit the rice fields and ensure bounty. Therefore, you will find small roadside shrines and statues depicting Tanokansa all over Ebino. Rumoured to number in the hundreds, the challenge set by locals is finding them. As a helpful start, you will find the most charming (and numerous) statues and shrines in the Kyoumachi area.