Like most places in Japan, Miyakonojo has its fair share of festivals all year round.

The Bonchi Matsuri is held on the first weekend of August. In addition to various community groups, the city drafts two foreigners (外国人) each year to learn traditional Japanese dances or performances. Hundreds of folks dance through the streets, ahead of the portable stages where the two main performers strut their stuff. And, like every big bash in Japan, fireworks will follow!

The Takajo Kanonike Fireworks Festival is held every August.

The Scarecrow Festival in Yamada-cho is held every October.

Every November, a huge Yakiniku Carnival is held. Buy tickets to exchange for various meats which you grill yourself under the stars. The evening is capped off with the biggest fireworks show in Miyazaki!

The World Festa is held biannually in January, and is designed to promote international exchange. Foreigners from all over the prefecture set up booths at the Miyakonojo Wellness Center and host enjoyable activities and games for kids and adults alike. This is usually followed by a series of performances to round off the day.

Every spring, Mochio Park is lit up with lanterns and filled with stalls for the Cherry Blossom Festival.

A Taiko Festival is held every June in MJ Hall.

The Okage Matsuri is held in the first week of July. Watch fantastic floats being paraded through the streets, the omikoshi (御神輿, ‘portable shrines’) winding their way to the Kanbashira Shrine, where food stalls and fireworks await.