Mimata (三股町)

Surrounded by farm fields, Mimata is a small town on the southeast side of Miyakonojo. While it is much smaller than it’s neighbour, the community in Mimata is very friendly and strong. Many of the residents speak ‘Kitamorokata-ben’, a fast and extremely abbreviated version of Japanese and take great delight in teaching the dialect to the handful of foreigners who live there.

City Website: http://www.town.mimata.lg.jp/ (Japanese only)
Tourism Website: http://www.town.mimata.lg.jp/kanko/ (English and Japanese)

Health & Fitness

Yamashita Clinic (山下医院) English Speaking Hospital Location: 宮崎県北諸県郡三股町樺山4672-5 (map) TEL: 0986-52-1348 Ishiin Gekaiin  Internal medicine, gatsroenterological medicine, general surgery, proctology. Location: 889-1901, 4969-1 Kabayama, Mimata-cho, itamorokata-gun, Miyazaki-ken TEL: 0986-52-7788


Miyazaki Prefecture is renowned for it’s natural beauty. Mimata is no exception. These are only a few of nature’s highlights in the small town. Shiibae Park (椎八重公園) Famous for its Azalea Festival in April! Location: 〒889-1911 宮崎県北諸県郡三股町長田5515 (map) Nagata Gorge (長田峡)  Location: 〒889-1911 宮崎県北諸県郡三股町長田 (map) After heavy rain, the gushing waters that pore over the waterfall at Nagata … Continue reading Outdoors

Food & Drinks

Toraji (map) Korean influenced yakiniku. Very reasonable prices and good food. Kuraoh (map) Kuraoh is a local secret of Mimata but a gem nonetheless. Located on the boarder of Mimata and Miyakonojo, the interior is decked out in American memorabilia from the late 20th Century and the restaurant plays only the classics over the speakers. … Continue reading Food & Drinks