Miyakonojo has two malls: Aeon and Jusco. Some stores will have cheap clothing that will fit. Try before you buy though, just to be safe!


Daiei You can find a small selection of foreign foods here.

Hearty Most of the Hearty stores around Miyakonojo have a small foreign foods section where you can find familiar pasta sauce brands, Old El Paso Mexican foods, a slightly wider variety of cereals and some foreign sweets and biscuits.

Hirose With a number of locations in the ‘Jo Hirose offers a similar selection of foreign goods as Hearty.

Happiness This is technically a restaurant supply store, but it’s open to the public. Great for buying ingredients in bulk, and often a good place to find the odd foreign food.

Kaldi You’ll find this shop downstairs in Miyazaki’s Aeon Mall or MiyakoCity. They have an amazing selection of coffee and occasionally have some foreign food, teas, and alcohols available to indulge in

Foodaly A supermarket much like Hearty but a lot larger.

General Stores

Nishimuta A new store out near the technical high school. They basically sell everything – car parts, homewares, DIY materials, garden supplies, etc. But they’re known for a massive grocery store with lots of tasty options (and a 100yen bakery!)

Don Quixote (ドン・キホーテ) They have a good selection of foreign alcohol, sweets, and food stuffs. There are general goods, electronics, and basic furniture. They also carry seasonal items such as camping equipment, Halloween costumes, and holiday decorations. Definitely worth the visit regardless of your shopping needs as this store has soooooo much stuff!!   


UNIQLO (On route 10 next to Nitori) A famous International Japanese brand. Sells simple pieces and comfy room pants!

Aoyama For those times you need a suit.

Home & Electronics

Nitori (ニトリ) is a bit like a Japanese version of Ikea. You can get most furniture related
goods here and they offer a delivery service for a small fee too! (opposite the Kirishima Shouchu
factory on Route 10)

Handsman A general DIY store you can find a wide variety of goods here such as camping equipment, Car care, crafting goods as well as lighting and garden supplies. Off of route 10 north of the city center.

Nafco is a hardware store that sells everything including textiles, cookware, cleaning products, bicycles and furniture.

Nagano  This is a high grade furniture store, but you’ll be paying the price. They have a great selection of furniture.  West of Mutamachi in Miyamaru-cho.

Recycle Shops


2nd Street A recycle shop on Route 10. It’s good for odd bits and pieces. As well as recycled furniture this store sells a variety of clothes and is just like an American Thrift Store! You have to have a search for what you want but you can usually find some decent stuff!They have a selection of electrical goods too!  

Eclectic Stores

Manga Souko A great place to go to indulge your inner nerd with various games, collectors cards and anime related goods. They also have an excellent range of second hand clothing!

Village Vanguard (Old Aeon mall also known to locals as Jusco) A good place to shop for gifts but they also have some foreign sweets, Dr Pepper and occasionally Tim Tams! (I have also seen Tim Tams in the Jusco Mall super market, as well as at Affranchir.)