Chuuou Taxi
TEL: 0120-098-601

Miyakou Taxi
TEL: 0120-493-850

Sentou Taxi
TEL: 0120-051-530

Okutsu Taxi
TEL: 0986-23-8800


Daiko is Japan’s solution to the strict drink driving law. If you call for a daiko, one car with two drivers will arrive. You will ride in the daiko services car while the second driver will follow their colleague back to your destination in your car. The service is only slightly more expensive than taking a taxi but wait times tend to become rather long on the weekends which is why MAJET recommends calling well in advance.

Morimo Daiko
TEL: 0986-24-7202

Cosmo Daiko
TEL: 0986-24-8179

Himuka Daiko
TEL: 0986-21-6422

Hokuto Daiko
TEL: 0986-21-0606