Cape Toi 都井岬
Cape Toi is a national park and has a wide variety of sights to enjoy, including a cycad forest, bizarre and perpetually surprised-looking Japanese macaque monkeys, herds of wild horses (arguably descended from the scores of horses left there by the decimated samurai), and enormous abandoned hotels that have stood eerily vacant since the 1980s.

Like so much of Miyazaki, there are some superb hiking trails that go around the cape, and can give you a good 3 to 4 hour-long trek through gorgeous nature. If the natural world and physical exertion is not your style, you can head to Kushima’s Cape Toi Fire Festival, the biggest attraction in the area.
Location: 都井岬 (map)
Ono, Kushima, Miyazaki Prefecture 888-0221
Website: http://kushima-city.jp/
TEL: 0987-72-0479

Akaike Gorge 赤池渓谷
Tucked into the foot of the mountains, the Akaike River carves its way through the landscape, leaving a number of boulders in its wake just waiting to be explored. When you’re done exploring, cool off by swimming beneath the waterfall. There is also an unmanned campsite for the intrepid traveler.
Location: 赤池渓谷 (map)
〒889-3534 Miyazaki-ken, Kushima-shi, Ōyadori, 宮崎県串間市大矢取
Website: http://kushima-city.jp/
TEL: 0987-72-1111

Ishinami Beach 石波海岸
Facing Koujima, Ishinami Beach is possibly one of the most unspoiled, idyllic and wide sandy beaches the prefecture has to offer. Its wide and spacious and great for surfing, although there are usually only a few surfers there at any given time. The ferry landing for Koujima is located to the far right side of the beach. There are restrooms and vending machines available, as well. During summer (July and August), there is also a small snack shop open.
Location:  石波の海岸樹林 (map)
〒889-3311 Miyazaki-ken, Kushima-shi, Ichiki, 宮崎県串間市大字市木
TEL: 0987-72-0479

Koiagura Beach 恋ヶ浦 サーフポイント
Koiagura, located on the coast between Kojima and Cape Toi, is very popular with surfers and is one of the best surfing points in Miyazaki Prefecture.
Location:  恋ヶ浦 サーフポイント (map)
〒888-0221, Ono, Kushima, Miyazaki Prefecture 888-0221
Website: http://kushima-city.jp/

Takamatsu Beach 高松浜
The closest beach to downtown Kushima, Takamatsu is actually split into two parts very close to each other. One is a large stretch of sand, with large rocks and boulders jutting out of the water to climb and explore. The other, popular with families with small children, is a considerably smaller beach sheltered in a cove. Events and festivals are held here in the summer.
Location: 高松海水浴場
Small Beach: Takamatsu, Kushima, Miyazaki Prefecture 888-0002 (map)
Large Beach: 〒888-0002 Miyazaki-ken, Kushima-shi, Takamatsu, 宮崎県串間市大字高松 (map)
Website: http://www.gurunet-miyazaki.com/
TEL: 0987-72-1111