Minesaki 24H ミネサキ24H
One of the only 24-hour grocery stores in all of Miyazaki Prefecture. They boast the largest and freshest produce selection of the main grocery stores in Kushima, at reasonable prices.
Location: ミネサキ串間店 (map)
2 Chome-15-10 Nishihama, Kushima-shi, Miyazaki-ken 888-0012
TEL: 0987-71-1866

Four Seasons Horiguchi 四季彩館ほりぐち 
A local grocery chain, with two shops in Kushima. You can sometimes find foreign imports, particularly cheeses and random condiments. However, both stores do not stock identically; be sure to check both if you are looking for something specific. The Nishihama branch across from Shimamura carries large-sized bags of powdered sugar, for those who are baking-inclined, and taco kits.
Main Branch: 四季彩館ほりぐち 本店 (map)
3933-1 Nishikata, Kushima-shi, Miyazaki-ken 888-0001
TEL: 0987-72-1090
Nishihama Branch: 四季彩館ほりぐち西浜店 (map)
1 Chome-24-1 Nishihama, Kushima-shi, Miyazaki-ken 888-0012
TEL: 0987-71-1830

General Stores

Discount Drugstore Cosmos ディスカウントドラッグコスモス
Cosmos has a small grocery selection, but has the best prices for dry ingredients, alcoholic drinks, and household goods. They also have a very large selection of over-the-counter medications.
Location: ディスカウントドラッグコスモス串間店 (map)
2109-1 Sankasho, Gokase, Nishiusuki District, Miyazaki Prefecture 882-1203
TEL: 0982-73-5500

Nishimuta (N’s City) N’sCITYニシムタ
A grocery/department store. They often have the best prices on meat products, and have an extensive pet section. Nishimuta also carries sporting goods, hardware supplies, basic furniture, office supplies, electronics, and appliances. There is a Meets 100円 shop and an arcade on the second floor.
Location: N’sCITYニシムタ串間店 (map)
〒888-0001 Miyazaki-ken, Kushima-shi, Nishikata, 宮崎県串間市大字西方5590−1 F
TEL: 0987-72-1414

Meets 100円 Store ミーツ
The second daiso in Kushima. The selection is slightly smaller than the one in Nishimuta, and significantly smaller than daisos in other towns.
Location: meets.串間店 (map)

Home & Electronics

Nafco Home Plaza ホームプラザナフコ
The local hardware store.  The Kushima branch is much smaller and has a more limited selection than branches in other towns, but they’ll cover your emergency needs. The second floor has a furniture department as well.
Location: ホームプラザナフコ串間店 (map)
〒888-0001 Miyazaki-ken, Kushima-shi, Nishihama, 2 Chome−3, 宮崎県串間市大字西方7233−9
TEL: 0987-72-5500

Yamada Denki Techland ヤマダ電機 テックランド
This is where you can find electronics and appliances in a pinch, but the Kushima branch has a limited selection and the prices aren’t that great. If you can, you’d be better off heading to the city for your electronic needs.
Location: ヤマダ電機 テックランド串間店 (map)
1 Chome-3-6 Nishihama, Kushima-shi, Miyazaki-ken 888-0012
TEL: 0987-55-1000


Fashion Center Shimamura ファッションセンターしまむら
Shimamura carries larger sized shoes and clothing, and also carries household goods such as blankets, pillows, and cushions. They are also very reasonably priced.
Location: ファッションセンターしまむら串間店 (map)

TEL: 0987-78-0040